What Is A Low Profile Box Spring? (Pros & Cons)

Nothing is wonderful as a good night’s sleep. But, laying on a hard bed can hurt your body. Well, it is time to change the bed and a low profile box spring or foundation is highly recommended. So what is a low profile box spring? Here is the answer!

What Is A Low Profile Box Spring?

A low profile box spring still retains the basic structure of a standard box spring bed. It can do everything that a traditional box spring does like distributing the weight and height or supporting mattresses. However, a low profile foundation is considered as an upgraded version because tt is sleeker, thinner, more modern and supportive.

Besides the modern style, some low profile box springs are designed to have traditional form as well. So even if you like the old style, this new version will still do its task well.

Pros and Cons of The Low Profile Box Spring


  • It can be moved easily

This new version is not as heavy as the traditional one. Therefore, you will find no difficulty in moving it from place to place. It is suitable for young people who like to change positions and furniture in the house.

  • No bed steps required

A low profile foundation is actually a low bed. You will not have to step too high, which is easy for you when you get out of bed. This bed is especially suitable for children and the elderly. It will ensure your safety every time you wake up.

  • Money is saved for the best quality

Using this item, you can save a lot of money for bed frames because the bed frame of this type of bed costs quite low. Instead of spending money for the traditional version, you can use it to purchase a high quality mattress.


  • The difficulty for people who have neck and back problem

An upgraded version with reduced height seems so convenient, but it is not for everyone. 

If you embrace minimalism, this can be the best option for you. 

On the contrary, if you have a history of neck and back pain, this is not suitable for you. Because it has a low height, a low profile box spring bed can make it more difficult for you to get out of bed. 

  • Low height can not absorb body movement

A bed with a thick mattress is good, but depending on the needs of each person, it can be good or bad. 

However, a thinner layer of mattress may not absorb body movement. Especially for children, or those who are sensitive to partner sounds and strong movements, a low profile box spring does not seem suitable. At that time, these people find it difficult to sleep and always feel uncomfortable at bedtime.

  • Difficulties in putting sheets on the bed

A low profile foundation often sits lower than the top of the bed set. Therefore, the mattress bottom will fall inside the frame. As a result, you will get trouble while trying to put sheets on your bed. Especially in the situation that the mattress fits tightly with the frame. 

Is A Low Profile Box Spring Better Than The Old Version?

Yes, of course. Why not? An improved new version is definitely better than the original version. Compared to normal box spring bed, low profile box spring bed:

  • Has lower height, more convenient for moving in the room
  • Has more modern, beautiful and trendy design
  • Saves more indoor space
  • Is more suitable for people living alone or renting because it is light, easy to move 

Now, You Have Known What A Low Profile Box Spring Is

Life is not perfect without a good night’s sleep, and of course, a quality bed set. That is also the reason why we write this article. Hopefully, we can help you choose a suitable low profile box spring.

If you still have any questions, please get in touch with us. We will always be here to explain to you.

And now, many thanks for reading!