Headboards And Footboards For Adjustable Beds

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Besides giving your bedroom a beautiful look, headboards and footboards prevent pillows from slipping off an adjustable bed. Other types of beds come with headboards and footboards; this is not the case with adjustable beds. Therefore you have to buy them separately and attach the headboard and footboard to the adjustable bed frames.


There are many options available on the market, and thus you may be confused about what type of headboard or footboard is suitable for your room and style. This article covers everything you need to know about selecting a headboard and footboard for your adjustable bed, and the importance of headboards and footboards. So if you are asking: can I use a headboard with an adjustable bed? This is the right article for you!

Table of Contents

Headboards And Footboards For Adjustable Beds

What Headboards And Footboards Can You Use With An Adjustable Bed Frame?

Most adjustable beds only come as the bed frame, which may look plain and not match the decor and style of your room. Attaching a headboard, footboard, or both to the adjustable bed bases improves their appearance and thus makes them blend in with your room decor.

Unlike other beds with a traditional headboard, you are free to select a free-standing headboard for your adjustable bed. However, it is essential to consider the dimensions of your adjustable bed. Is it a twin xl, king-size, or split king? 

These dimensions will guide you on the headboard and footboard to purchase to avoid attaching headboards and footboards that don’t fit your bed and room. The good thing about most headboards is that you can attach them using headboard brackets and continue to sleep on your memory foam or the current mattress you have.

Factors To Consider When Choosing Headboards And Footboards For Adjustable Bed Frames

As we mentioned above, there are various headboards and footboards in the market that you can buy and transform the look of your bedroom. However, with soo many choices, you may be overwhelmed and buy a new headboard and footboard that you end up disliking, or it doesn’t match the other furniture in your bedroom.

So how do you avoid this?

Headboards And Footboards

Consider your Style

What are your decor tastes? The answer to this question should act as a compass when selecting a headboard or a footboard for an adjustable bed base. There is a vast collection to choose from so go for headboards and footboards that align with your style and match your bedroom decor.

Ensure that your choice does not contradict the colors and materials that give your bedroom the cozy, welcoming feel that helps you feel comfortable and thus sleep well.

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Adjustable Height of the Adjustable Bed

Adjustable beds can be adjusted to suit your sleeping style and ensure you enjoy the benefits of a zero-gravity position. So it makes sense that you should buy a headboard and footboard taller than a regular headboard.

Ideally, headboards should be a foot taller than the mattress, and most people prefer their footboards to be shorter than their headboards.

Measure Size of Bedroom

Measure the size of your room and the adjustable bed frame. Buying a small headboard and footboard or one that’s too big that it cant fit through the door means you will be forced to return it and make a new order. So double-check your measurements right before placing that order.


Sadly your favorite headboard may not be compatible with your current bed frame. So if you don’t plan to change your adjustable bed frame, ensure you purchase a headboard and footboard that are incompatible with the current bed frame and bedroom furniture.

Ease of Assembly

You know how well you handle tools and assemble things. Although most headboards and footboards have easy assembly methods, others are a little bit complex. So select a headboard and footboard that you can quickly assemble on your own. That way, you won’t incur the extra cost of hiring someone to do it for you.

Headboard And Footboard Ideas For Adjustable Beds

Headboard and footboard choices vary depending on each person’s unique taste and bedroom decor. So here are a few ideas you can choose from depending on your personal preference and aesthetics.

Headboard And Footboard Ideas For Adjustable Beds

Metal Footboard And Headboard

If you are a minimal aesthetics kind of a person, then this is the perfect headboard and footboard for your space. A metal bed frame is a simple yet sleek-looking addition to your adjustable bed base.

There are various metal frames to choose from, such as stainless steel, brass, and aluminum.

Bookcase Headboard

Some people enjoy reading in bed, and thus they love keeping their books at arm’s length. A bookcase headboard improves the style of your bedroom while giving you enough space for your books, jewelry box, flowers, and any other decorative piece to liven your bedroom.

Simple Wooden Headboard And Footboard

You will never go wrong with wooden headboards and footboards on any adjustable bed. Get wooden headboards and footboards that are beautifully carved to give the space you sleet at a beautiful appearance. There are also various types of wood so go for the one that matches your adjustable base, the floor, or the ceiling for a beautiful bedroom.

Upholstered Headboard And Footboard

Nothing says elegance better than an upholstered footboard and headboard attachment. You can choose any print or design for the upholster as long as it matches your style and your bedroom will look elegant. Upholstered headboards and footboards are perfect for a platform bed and various types of adjustable beds, so you don’t have to worry about compatibility. 

That is why this is the most popular headboard!

How To Attach Headboard And Footboard To Adjustable Beds

You attach two types of head and footboards to the bed frame and the ones attached to your wall.

Here is how you attach footboards and headboards to an adjustable frame:

  • Assemble the adjustable base. Most adjustable beds come with instructions on assembling them.
  • Once the bed base is in place, set up the bed frame, footboard, and headboard around the base and make sure they are secured in place.
  • Add the mattresses and switch from the flat position to a position that suits your sleeping style.

If your adjustable bed has a metal bed frame, the best option is to let this show and attach a floating headboard for decorative purposes.

  • The first step is assembling the adjustable bed frame
  • Put the mattress on the bed frame to determine the level you will attach the headboard
  • Slide the headboard into place and ensure it is center aligned and it does not extend too much on either side of the bed
  • Most headboards have pre-installed brackets for mounting them, but if you realize there are no brackets, order them from  a manufacturer
  • Ensure that the mounting holes are in line with the brackets and if they are not, install a bracket adapter
  • If you chose a bolt-on design, slide the bolts into the brackets and mounting holes but not too tightly 
  • Once you are satisfied with the appearance, you can screw them tightly to secure the headboard in place

Importance Of Headboards And Footboards

Completes The Look Of Your Bedroom

An adjustable bed frame may be plain and basic, thus giving your room a bland look. However, you can add a customizable footboard and headboard to an adjustable bed flame and complete the look of your bedroom.

Protects The Walls

A headboard protects the wall from abrasion if your bed is against it. Moreover, if you don’t have a headboard, you may rub your head on the wall, and it picks oil and dust from your hair, and the walls are not easy to clean. A headboard made of wood, metal, or dark material doesn’t get dirty quickly and is easy to clean.

Props Up The Pillows

Pillows can easily slide off the bed if you don’t have a headboard, but if you do, the headboard props them in place and ensures they don’t fall.

Adds Comfort

Leaning on a headboard is much more comfortable than leaning on a wall. Additionally, during winter, the wall may become cold, and thus the headboard acts as an insulation against the cold. It also works great when then the bed is in a zero gravity position.


Besides giving your room a welcoming, beautiful appearance, headboards and footboards also make you sleep or lean more comfortably. The best part is that there are various footboards and headboards to choose from so that you get something that does not contradict your style and space decor. 

Additionally, attaching them is easy, and thus you don’t have to enjoy the benefits of sleeping on an adjustable bed by compromising your style. So you get to enjoy both elegance and functionality.