6 Popular Types of Mattress Toppers: Pros & Cons

Your own home is a wonderland of comfort, which is equipped with a television to watch your favorites, a cozy sofa to rest your back, and, most importantly, an ideally soft bed for you to just idly lie on.

And, of course, the prerequisite for such a bed is a quality mattress topper. So,  how many types of mattress toppers are there and which is the best choice for you? Don’t worry, our sharing will help you get the right answer.

But, the first thing you need to do is to learn about:

What Are Mattress Toppers Made Of?

If you do not want to be bombarded with excessive options when choosing a mattress topper, you have to know exactly what you want from a mattress topper. This is the key to finding the most fitting product out there as they are all different in many ways even though they look pretty much alike. 

For instance, let’s look at the materials. Mattress toppers are made of many things, varying from latex, memory foam, wool to cotton or feathers, each of which has its own upsides and downsides. For now, let’s delve into each specific type of mattress topper, and we hope that this guide will be more than enough to give you all the crucial info. 

Best Types of Mattress Toppers

1. Feathers

Feather toppers, or featherbeds, are all the rage nowadays, and a multitude of users take a liking to those made from duck and goose feathers.

A noteworthy feature is that a lot of featherbeds are paired with two distinct layers : the one on the outside is coarser and more durable, while the one on the inside is very lightweight and soft. Therefore, the higher down concentration a topper features, the more comfy you will feel.


  • Soft
  • Long-lasting, good endurance. 
  • Lifespan lasts for years 
  • Responsive to  the temperature in both summer and winter months


  • Can cause discomfort or scratches on skin once the feathers poke out through the cover 
  • Cannot maintain its shape in the long run 

2. Latex

Latex mattress toppers are costly, but they offer a great sense of comfort and provide excellent support to your body. There are three main kinds of latex toppers: natural latex, synthetic latex and blended latex. The first  is made from the sap of the rubber trees, and is produced by way of either Dunlop or Talalay process, after which some toppers are named. The majority of latex toppers are Talalay-based, which unfailingly surpasses the other group when it comes to softness and comfort.

Meanwhile, synthetic materials are the main components of synthetic latex topper, and blended toppers, you guessed it, are a combination of the aforementioned . 


  • Resistant to mold and mildew
  • Relieve pains and provide comfort
  • Longevity can be prolonged by occasional flips
  • Odor-free 
  • Usually cooler than memory foam toppers


  • Less affordable than other types of toppers
  • Moving or transporting can require a lot of effort
  • Not washable

3. Memory Foam

If you want to improve the quality of your sleep, why don’t you try bringing  the comfort level of your bed to a new and better notch with a memory foam topper instead of purchasing a brand-new mattress? With the technological advances in memory foam manufacturing, many users find them infinitely preferable to other types of toppers.


  • An ideal option for a relaxing and comfortable sleep
  • Available in many types of density 
  • Long-lasting 


  • Pervasive smell of chemicals at first
  • Under-par ventilation at night

4. Wool

This is a sustainable and renewable mattress material which occupies a long-standing position in the bedding industry. Anyone who is struggling with sleep disorders due to unpleasant weather conditions can now be trouble-free with the aid of wool mattress toppers. In both summer and winter months, your body will be  kept at a constant temperature by these toppers’ ability to adjust to the outer environments.


  • Wool toppers are lighter than most other types of toppers, so they are easy to be moved around 
  • Long lifespan 
  • Parasyte-free 


  • More costly than other fabric materials 
  • The insides are not as quality as other toppers

5. Egg Crate

Over the time, egg crate toppers with their out-of-the-ordinary design have become  excellent choices for users who are unable to sleep on firm surfaces. Theoretically, egg crate is a complicated foam which provides better sleep by adjusting to your body temperature to ease pressure points. 

These toppers can be made from either good quality or more basic ones, and its price is dependent upon the materials. 

When it comes to comfort and durability, egg crate toppers cannot get the better of other types, which is their major downsides.


  • Low-cost 
  • Facilitate transportation 
  • Come in handy on the occasion of camping and holidays


  • Can bring uncomfortable feeling 
  • Less durable and subject to deteriorating resilience 

6. Microfiber

This is a synthetic material often used in bedding manufacturing, and they come with reasonable price so you can get them even when you are running on a tight budget. Unlike memory foam toppers, they do not emit any ill-smelling odor from chemicals, so you will not be subject to headaches and allergic reactions.

If you suffer from allergies and asthma, you should have your own high-quality microfiber toppers. Some are described as anti-allergy, which helps reduce skin irritation because they are resistant to dust mites living on your beds and flakes on your dead skin. 

 However, they do come with several minuses. After some time using, they cannot maintain their initial shapes, and their resiliency will be on the wane, too.


  • Reasonably priced 
  • No initial odor
  • Help reduce backaches


  • Can be lumpy over time
  • Short lifespan 


After juxtaposing the most trendy types of mattress toppers, we are  positive that you have managed to take your pick. A piece of advice for you is “You get what you pay for”, so you should only go for the cheapest option if you intend  to use the topper in just a week or two (a vacation or something like that) .

All in all, a deep and good sleep is of paramount importance because of its significant contributions to our physical and mental lives, so spending quite a big deal on mattress toppers is all worth it. If you value your health, make a wise choice.