Problems With Split King Adjustable Beds

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Sharing a bed can be challenging because every movement your partner makes disturbs your sleep. Lack of sufficient sleep can ruin your day, and you wake up tired and in a worse mood every morning. The good news is that a split king adjustable bed can solve your sleeping problems and ensure you sleep comfortably.

A split king adjustable bed is precisely what that sounds like; it is a king-sized bed that’s split into two! Thus you get a large sleeping area that the king bed provides, but you can customize your half to fit your sleeping style.

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Sounds impressive, right? However, like all good things, a split king adjustable bed also has disadvantages. 

Table of Contents

Problems With Split King Adjustable Beds

Pros of Split King Adjustable Beds

PROS of Split King Adjustable Beds

Easy To Move

Moving a regular king-sized bed is not an easy task due to its size, shape, and overall mass; moving king mattresses is another headache on its own. The best part about an adjustable split king bed is that it is easy to move and uses two mattresses; thus, moving it is not as complicated as a regular king-size bed and mattress.


If you are looking for a comfortable bed, look no further than an adjustable split king bed. It is spacious, and thus you can be comfortable in your corner without disturbing your sleeping partner. 

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Personalized Comfort

Apart from being spacious, an adjustable split king bed means that you can personalize your half without affecting your partner. Thus you can read a book or watch television from the comfort of your bed.

Additionally, people prefer various sleeping styles such as flat or the head slightly raised. A split adjustable king bed allows you to sleep in your desired position while your partner sleeps in their position.

Pain Relief And Relieving Snoring

A comfortable sleeping surface can help in relieving back pain and other types of joint pain. Additionally, raising your head slightly clears the air chambers, thus preventing snoring. With an adjustable bed, you can adjust the level of your head, back, and feet to achieve your desired results.

Reduces Motion Transfer

It can be frustrating to share a bed with someone and wake up each time they twist or turn in their sleep. With an adjustable split king bed, you are sharing a bed but sleeping on different mattresses; thus, their movements, twists, and turns will not affect your sleep.

Cons of Split King Adjustable Beds

CONS of Split King Adjustable Beds

May Be Expensive

You must be prepared to pay the price for the comfort and health benefits you get by using adjustable bed frames. Moreover, split king adjustable beds are more expensive than regular adjustable bed frames, but the extra money is nothing compared to the benefits you will get

Split King Mattress May Slide

Many manufacturers will convince you that the split king twin xl mattresses will not move, but sadly this is not the case. The twin xl will move, especially if you turn or toss a lot in your sleep, making you uncomfortable. You may be forced to wake up to adjust to them disrupting your sleeping, and thus you may not get enough sleep.

Requires a Special Mattress Sheet

You will need separate mattresses for a split king-size adjustable bed, and so you can not use any mattress sheet for them. Therefore you must purchase special mattress sheets such as twin xl fitted sheets for the adjustable split king mattresses. This will increase the amount of money you spend on the bed.

Split King Bed Mechanism Can Become Loud

Unfortunately, over time the split king adjustable bed mechanism may become louder. Therefore each time your sleeping partner adjusts their side of the bed, you may hear it and thus arouse you from your sleep. You may be unable to get quality sleep, especially if your partner changes sleeping positions several times.

How To Fix Split King Adjustable Beds Problems

The good news is that it is possible to fix some of the issues discussed above and make sleeping on your split king adjustable bed more comfortable. Here are a few hacks to solve the most annoying problems you may be facing with your split king adjustable bed frame. 

How To Keep The Mattresses Together

  • You can use bed connecting brackets and bungee cords to retain the mattresses in the same position
  • Try tying the mattresses up with a ratchet in such a way that they can still move individually
  • Use a clearance mattress pad to restrict the mattresses in the middle

How To Keep Twin Xl Mattresses From Sliding On The Bed

  • Ensure that you use the retainer bar and most adjustable split king bed frame comes with one at the foot of the mattress
  • You can also use a rug gripper, place it under the mattresses, and the sliding will stop

How To Attach A Headboard To Adjustable Split King Mattress

A headboard is one way of customizing your adjustable split kings and give your sleeping area a personal touch. The good news is that you can make a headboard for your split king adjustable bed by using hard scrap project panels, curtains, and a clearance mattress pad. However, you will need a few DIY tips, and you can make an inexpensive headboard for your adjustable split king-size bed.


Having a split king adjustable bed ensures that although you are sharing a king bed, you are on your own mattress, so their movements won’t disrupt your sleep.

Additionally, a split adjustable king bed frame enables you to adjust your half of the bed or lay flat without affecting them. You can even adjust your side of the king bed and go zero gravity mode without disrupting their sleep. They work just as well with bed rails as normal adjustable beds.

However, to prevent problems with split king adjustable beds ensure that you purchase two twin xl mattresses for the king-size bed. You should also ensure that they are flexible so that you can enjoy all the benefits your new split king adjustable bed offers. Adjustable split king beds are unique because you get to sleep beside your loved one while still enjoying your personal space.