Sleeping in Zero Gravity Position

Do you find yourself waking up tired and going to bed awake?

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Sleep deprivation is a very serious issue for lots of people. In one study, the CDC found that 70% of American adults get an inadequate amount of sleep at least once every month.

Consistently having sleepless nights can greatly affect your physical, and mental health, as well as cause a weak immune system. Even having one night without sleep can lead to decreased productivity and mood swings. So, what can cause sleep issues and how can you achieve a better night’s sleep? Typically, if you don’t have a serious sleep condition or disorder, poor sleep practices are the most common root cause.

A quick fix to improve your sleep hygiene practices is by dumping your old sleep position. No more stomach sleeping, side sleeping, fetal position, etc. It’s super important to move onto sleeping in the zero gravity position.

Not only can this help you sleep better, but you can also solve other common problems like back pain, circulation issues, and more. There are many advantages of making the switch to a zero gravity position, all of which you can start seeing now.

Read on to see how you can use zero gravity to live a healthier life and how an adjustable bed base can help you achieve the best sleep you deserve.

What is zero gravity?

Zero gravity is a state of being weightless. When thinking of weightlessness, usually one will think of an astronaut in outer space. This makes perfect sense because NASA actually created the zero gravity position for their astronauts as they ascend into space. It was specifically curated to reduce extra tension and pressure on the spine.

How does this work for non-astronauts and why is this relevant? Earth’s gravitational pull can cause a strain on muscles and put pressure on your joints. You are constantly being weighed down by this force.

To combat this, you can mimic NASA’s zero gravity position. This includes various precise bends across your figure that are mean to relieve pressure and alleviate tension in your body:

  • A 120-128-degree angle bend at the hips
  • 133-degree angle between the back of the thighs and calves to elevate the legs
  • A lifted head to increase airflow

NASA's Zero Gravity Position

What is a zero gravity sleep position?

As mentioned earlier, zero gravity is not just an orientation for astronauts. Anyone can achieve a state of weightlessness by implementing the zero gravity position into their daily life. It can especially be helpful to do this during the night when going to sleep.

This posture was created to help relax and protect the body from unnecessary stress. Other than using this pose while sitting and trying to get stuff done, you can do this while in bed. This makes taking care of yourself easier to achieve since you are already resting. Essentially, the zero gravity sleep position will put your body in a neutral mode that allows you to reset from the day’s tension.

With all the restoration that your muscles and joints are gaining from this pose, you are also able to sleep better and enter a deep sleep easier. However, there are even more benefits than just better rest.

What are the benefits of sleeping in zero gravity position?

As mentioned earlier, there are countless benefits of sleeping in zero gravity position. This includes medical benefits, lifestyle, and even more. Depending on your current health situation, some of these advantages of zero gravity may stand out more than others. No matter what, you will start feeling better and live a healthier life.

Health benefits

Those who have been diagnosed with acid reflux understand the importance of sleeping with an elevated head. Gravity is your friend in this situation by keeping the bile and stomach acids down. This will begin to make nights a little more comfortable. You can reduce or even eliminate heartburn and acid reflux when sleeping by maintaining the zero gravity position.

The specific angles your body is positioned in will help alleviate back pain. By sleeping on a regular flatbed with no modifications, you leave parts of your body unsupported. When laying down your spine has a natural curvature along your entire back. This allows for a small gap which puts you at risk for pain and stiffness. Zero gravity takes care of this small gap and leads to pain relief and less pressure on your lower body.

When one is pregnant, their body has a lot of added stress, swelling, and overall discomfort. Using a zero gravity bed position can help make pregnancy a little more bearable. Even those who experience more serious sleep conditions such as sleep apnea can benefit. Due to the elevation of the upper body and legs, zero gravity helps eliminate snoring, aid in blood circulation, and reduce swelling.

However, these advantages are not only limited to pregnant people. Anyone can better their blood pressure and decrease snoring by using the specific positions outlined by the zero-g method.

Health Benefits of sleeping in Zero Gravity Position

Lifestyle benefits

As for the lifestyle benefits of zero-g, the quality of your personal life can increase. You can work on your laptop, read a book, or simply watch Netflix while in zero gravity. Even if you are an avid gamer, you can improve your comfort by adjusting your seating to better support you. Enjoy doing the things you like without putting a strain on your body.

By implementing this pose, you can also reduce some of the stress from sitting at a desk for hours at a time and eliminate neck pain. Whether you work from home or are stuck at an office all day, you can decrease the tension and extra pressure. There’s no reason to add even more stress to your work life by having bad posture.

Zero gravity position - Lifesyle benefits

Other benefits

Due to the raised aspects of the zero-gravity position, it helps reduce muscle soreness. You can begin to feel relief in your legs, upper body, and back.

You will also have an overall more enjoyable resting experience by using the zero gravity position in bed. This posture lets the body reset which leads to better, deeper, and longer sleep. By having more relaxed nights, you will stop waking up tired and going to bed awake.

With this new refreshing wake up feeling, you can also have a better state of mind. This can lead to increased productivity and ease when it comes to preparing for the busy day ahead of you.

If you also have a varicose vein problem or are worried about getting them, this position can help you. Varicose veins are formed due to extended periods of time sitting or standing. This is because of the mountains of pressure put on your legs. By being in a physical state of “weightlessness” you decrease the risk of forming these veins.

What is a zero gravity bed

To continue receiving the advantages of zero gravity, there are adjustable beds that allow you to mimic this posture. These are specifically created with an adjustable base and bed frame to allow for the best sleeping position.

Amerisleep Adjustable Bed+

Amerisleep Adjustable Bed+

A zero gravity bed allows you to receive numerous health benefits, all while getting a good night’s rest. These products let you determine how much of an angle you would like for your legs and upper body to be at. This means pretty much any adjustable bed should allow you to simulate the zero-gravity position when sleeping. Don’t worry – you can still use a headboard and footboard with adjustable beds. On a side note, you can rent an adjustable bed if you’d like to try the position out for a few weeks before buying.

How to achieve zero gravity

To achieve zero gravity, you should angle your hips at approximately 120-128 degrees as well as elevate your legs a bit above your stomach and heart. You can do this by stuffing pillows underneath you to achieve these angles, or by purchasing an adjustable bed. Typically, adjustable beds will have a preset with a zero-g function.

Or, if your bed does not offer that setting, you can alter the bed position yourself. You will know when you have achieved zero gravity once you start seeing the benefits of its work. No more snoring and a flexible spine are some of the telltale signs.


Is it OK to sleep in zero gravity position?

It is perfectly ok and actually encouraged to sleep in zero gravity position. It can be difficult to maintain this posture throughout the day, which makes the night perfect to try it out. Of course, you can try to recreate the pose with added pillows or blankets for support, but the easiest way to do so would be with an adjustable bed.

An adjustable bed operates by having your bed base do all the work for you. Now you can reap the benefits of zero gravity, all while getting your 6-8 hours of sleep and barely doing any work.

By implementing a zero-g position while sleeping, you can better your blood flow, heart health, and alleviate pressure points on the body.

What is the best position to sleep in adjustable bed?

The best position to sleep in an adjustable bed is zero gravity, curated by NASA. It is the best out of all the sleeping positions, as it allows you to benefit more than just better sleep. By using your adjustable bed to achieve zero gravity, you open your body up for significant advantages.

A zero gravity position includes an elevated head/upper body as well as elevated legs. This is all to create a 120-degree angle bend at the hips for a weightless posture. This specific position leads to improved breathing, better blood flow, and reduced high blood pressure. Thus making zero gravity the best choice of position when it comes to adjustable beds.

How do you get the zero gravity position on an adjustable bed?

The adjustable base of your bed can shift to create a zero gravity sleep position. Depending on the make and model, your bed may even have a zero gravity setting for maximum comfort. Don’t worry if it doesn’t though, because you can alter the settings on your adjustable bed to mimic the zero-g orientation (sometimes even if you’re using a hospital bed at home).

Ensure that your hips are angled at around 120 degrees, your legs are slightly elevated above your stomach, and your head is a bit above your heart.

Is zero gravity position good for lower back pain?

Lower back pain can cause sleepless nights and even more pain. With the zero gravity position, you can get rid of this problem and start living your life pain-free. This position was originally created by NASA to protect and relieve any pressure on the spine and joints of astronauts. It is specifically for when astronauts ascend into space so that they can handle the extra force of gravity.

Zero Gavity Position - Lower Back Pain

Now you can recreate this type of pose in your very own adjustable bed. By setting your bed to the zero-g setting or altering it manually, you will feel the difference. There will be no more unevenly added stress or strain. Compared to sleeping on a flatbed with no proper posture, the zero gravity position will support your spine’s natural curvature.

Should you sleep in zero gravity position?

You should absolutely sleep in zero gravity position to receive all the added health benefits and improve your quality of life. Your entire body has curves that are left unsupported while laying down on a flatbed. The spine is an S-shaped curve that when laying flat, leaves a gap between your lower spine and the bed. You also will have gaps under your neck, the back of your knees, and behind your ankles.

With a zero gravity sleep position, you will be able to fill in each of those gaps. This leaves no spot on your body unsupported and creates a neutral posture. Soon after you can wake up less sore, not as swollen, and refreshed.

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