Platform Beds vs Box Springs: Which Is The Winner?

Deep sleep is always a great thing for everyone in the world. However, getting a good night’s sleep depends on whether you have a good bed or not. Currently, there are two commonly used beds, which are platform beds and box springs. 

You are wondering what to choose? You do not know the pros and cons of each type? The answer will be right below. Let’s find out!

What is a Platform Bed?

The platform bed is a bed frame that has solid surfaces. The wooden slats of the bed platform are meticulously cut and removable. Normally, the platform bed can be sold separately without the headboard and footboard. This allows you to customize it as you like. It will be an amazing storage bed.

The platform bed is different from a traditional bed. While with the traditional bed,  you have to place a box spring or foundation on the bed frame, and then put the mattress on top, but you will not have to do this with the platform bed. In fact, you can put the mattress directly on it. Another difference is when you use the platform bed, the surface of it will be low to the ground.


  • You do not need any foundation or box spring, which helps you save much  money
  • You can use many types of mattress with various materials and numerous colours.
  • The surface of the platform bed is hard and solid, which  allows you to use the wonderful memory foam mattresses.
  • A platform bed can increase the storage space
  • A special feature of the platform bed is that it is made from wooden bars. Therefore, it facilitates air circulation, giving a cool feeling every time you put your back down.
  • If you can take advantages of the space underneath the bed, you can make drawers to hold utensils, which is very convenient.


  • For people with back and knee problems, they will have some difficulty getting out of bed. The platform bed is low, which makes it  difficult to move for those who have back pain.
  • In order to own a high quality platform bed, you must spend a lot of money.

What is a Box Spring?

Box spring bed is the most commonly used bed since the appearance of memory foam mattresses. Different from a platform bed, box spring bed has a great height. It seems to be twice as tall as a platform bed. Besides, it has a similar design style to a traditional bed, which is suitable for those who love simplicity.

Box spring is a type of metal bed because there are full of metal springs inside. These springs allow some firm mattresses which can help the users avoid neck pain.


  • The height of a traditional box spring bed is one of the most favourite feature of many people because of its convenience. It is like a bench that you can sit, lie without having to slack your legs.
  • This bed helps you enjoy a good night’s sleep in any sleep positions because of the warmth and softness.
  • The spring box is suitable for some heavy people because it absorbs the body weight. Besides, the support of the spring keeps the mattress from sagging down. 


  • To own a spring bed box, you will have to spend a lot of money on things such as box spring, bed frame, rails, spring mattress, headboard, and footboard.
  • Box spring bed does not have storage space because it takes up most of the space underneath the bed.
  • If the box spring bed are not used frequently, they may lose elasticity over time. 

Platform Beds vs Box Springs: Which is Better?

To be honest, each type of bed has its own advantages and disadvantages. Depending on your purposes, you will know which one is better for you.

You still do not know which purposes should you base on? Here are some factors that we suggest.

The type of bed must suit the interior design style at your house

Basing on the interior design of your house, you will know which type is better. The bed must match most of the furniture in your room. For example, if you are a minimalist person, with a simple and smart design, the platform bed is a good choice for you. On the other hand, if you like a traditional bed type, of course, the box spring bed was born for you.

The type of bed must support your physical issues

If you have troubles with your knee or back, you will need a low profile bed. In this situation, the platform bed is the most suitable one.

If you are a type of stomach sleepers or simply a heavy person, you will need some soft bed which support a great amount of elasticity. In this case, we recommend the box spring.

You get what you pay for

Of course, you cannot buy anything if your budget does not allow. For example, a stylish platform bed is really more expensive than a stylish box spring. But if you only need a standard platform bed, then the price of it is not too different from a box spring.

And if you can afford it, you can even buy both in order to make a hybrid bed.

Store ability of the bed type is much or less

If you need a place to store things, then the platform bed is a more ideal choice. Most platform beds have space underneath so it can fulfill your wish. On the other hands, if the storage area is not necessary, you can think of buying a box spring instead.

Can you use a box spring with a platform bed?

Many people have the same question as you have. Maybe you are having a mattress foundation, or you just simply want to adjust the bed height, or you even want to give your bed  a modern look. Of course, there is no problem when you use a box spring with a platform bed. The platform bed is designed to provide support to any mattress types that you place on it.

Here is what you get when you use a box spring with the platform bed

As we have known, the platform beds are adjustable beds which usually begin with a low profile. With the uses of box spring and mattress, it will be taller.

The hybrid bed is now more modern. We can say that it is a combination of firmness and softness. It is guaranteed about the level of bounce, which is especially good for those who are stomach sleepers.

What you need to remember while combining the box spring with the platform bed

If you want to upgrade your platform bed, you can check some following notes, which may be useful for you:

  • Check if the wood slats of the platform bed can hold the box spring and mattress. There is always a weight limit for each platform bed.
  • Follow the mattress guides.
  • The mattress size must be fit with the platform bed. 


In short, both the platform beds vs box springs have advantages and disadvantages. All beds have a common function that allows you to rest. However, it is also important to choose the type of bed, style, colour, and size that best suits your needs.

Hopefully, with this article, you will have useful information to make the right decision. Because beds will be something you use for a long time, so consider a  good quality bed.

Thank you for reading!