How to Move a Memory Foam Mattress – Step by step Procedure

Unlike traditional mattress, memory foam mattresses are not rigid, which often give customers the impression that they can be moved quickly. If you don’t want them damaged, you have to handle and pack them with care. These types of foam are made with more than one layers, which are sandwiched together making them susceptible to tear if improperly packed or handled.

Memory foam mattresses are compressed by the manufacturer to fit into smaller boxes for smart shipping and convenience for anyone carrying the mattress along tight corners or staircase. It becomes nearly impose to fold, roll or compress on back into its original container.

For customers who are looking to move their memory foam mattress, then you will find the below steps helpful:

But first, you will need to look for a mattress shipping carton that best suits your bed and packing tape.

1, Find the right shipping carton for your mattress

It is vital that you get the best twin mattress shipping carton or whatever size you have if you get a cartoon too small you might crush the bed. Also, if you make use of a shipping carton too large, then the product may get damaged due to shifting enough rooms in the box. After getting the right shipping box, close one of the ends of the carton and place the open end near the mattress’ end.

2, Slide in the mattress carefully

After laying the shipping box with one end closed near the end of your bed. Carefully keep pushing the shipping carton till you have the whole cushion inside the box. At some points, you may need to lift and adjust some part of the bed to ensure it gets into the shipping carton completely. If this process is done right and carefully, you should have your mattress laying completely flat on the floor, without any wrinkles or folds being created.

3, Seal the mattress shipping carton

With the aid of packing tape, you can seal all open ends of the shipping box and transport your mattress flat and secured. More importantly, do not stand the shipping box upright to help avoid constant collisions, which may end up disfiguring the shape your memory foam mattress or even render it useless.


Moving a Memory Foam Mattress – Useful Tips

It is a common occurrence for foam mattresses to stick to the box surface. If you experience this, then consider wrapping the foam mattress in a larger sheet to ensure it slides into the shipping carton easily.

Do not try using plastic for wrapping your memory foam mattress, if you will be traveling for as long as a day or so. Plastics are known for their ability to trap moisture and using it for your packing may enhance the growth of mildew and mold.

If you will be moving your mattress around an obstacle, which may distort the box flatness, then it is advised to first carry your mattress past the barrier before placing your bed into the shipping box.

Final Verdict

All-in-all, packaging your foam mattress requires extra care and caution. In several professionals’ opinions, you are only permitted to fold if you will be moving the bed for a short period such as down the stairs or next street. Furthermore, it is advised to unpack as soon as possible, and no attempt should be made to unfold the mattress completely. What you have to do let it open and let it unfold, which might take a couple of hours based on the temperature and period of shipping.