How To Fluff A Bamboo Pillow – 3 Tricks To Take Your Head On Cloud Nine

You and your darling just got an intensely romantic night together. And yet the next morning, she declared break-up on impulse. It’s because you SNORE! 

Yes, if you’ve got severe snoring problems, sleep apnea or neck strain, then bamboo pillows are the exact cures for you. You’ll be charmed by their versatile features: hypoallergenic, airy and amazingly breathable. 

Whoopee, they’re everything you need, and you couldn’t wait to order one. But when the delivery man knocked at your door, what you received was a big flat rock-hard level rectangle. 

So, here’s where we come back to our initial query: How to fluff a bamboo pillow? This article will present you three simplest ways to get your bamboo pillow incredibly inflated.

What Is A Bamboo Pillow?

A bamboo pillow, unlike its name, is not a pillow made of bamboo slips stacked together. Ouch, you may get a piercing headache if a bamboo pillow is literally what it’s called!

Instead, the pillow case is the one made of bamboo fibres, which is the core reason why these pillows are extremely lightweight and extra comfortable. Because its material originates from nature, the case is also antimicrobial and hypoallergenic, not to mention its ability to aerate your sweat.   

So if the inside isn’t bamboo stalks, then what is it? If you’ve done some research about the best pillows for neck strain, you must have come across the term memory foam, which is super soft and fluffy.

The three most popular fillings you can find on the market are shredded memory foam, solid memory foam and polyester. Definitely, it is the most convenient to pump up shredded bamboo pillows as they maintain their shape even after you’ve adjusted them to accompany your own body frame. 

Why You Need To Fluff Your Bamboo Pillow

Come to think about it, isn’t pillow the most important element for a peaceful sleep? With the right loft and the right compactness, you’ll find yourself in a dynamic state even having to wake up early the next morning. 

Imagine wasting over 30 bucks for an old flat and crummy pillow which provides no support for your spine, your neck and even more excessively, makes your skin break out acutely. As a result, you just simply can’t catch any wink or wake up incredibly painfully. 

If you want your bamboo pillow to perform effectively, you need to allow air to penetrate into it. In other words, both your bamboo-made case needs stretching out and your memory foam needs puffing up to create extra space for incoming air. 

When It Is Essential To Fluff Your Bamboo Pillow

It is the most ideal if you give your bamboo pillow a small toss everyday. Or if it’s considered too much of a nuisance, then fluff it once a quarter when you take your mattress out for washing. 

When your pillow first arrives, completely compressed in a vacuum sealed box, welcome it with a long hard manual stretch.

After 2-3 months in use, when your pillow is flatten out due to your body’s natural moisture, it needs refluffing in a dryer or via sun drying.

If your bamboo pillow is frequently refreshed by the dryer, it would help get rid of any tenacious foreign substance or dust mite.

Three Bamboo Pillow Fluffing Techniques

As mentioned above, you need to fluff your bamboo pillow from scratch straight out of the vacuum sealed package. 

When you unwrap the plastic cover, the deflated bamboo pillow would give off a gas-like odor. Don’t worry, since it’s the aftermath of a squeezed up packaging and shipping process. After a few good minutes under the sunlight, this obnoxious scent would dissipate completely.

So particularly, how do you fluff a bamboo pillow?

By Hand

It’s the fastest and easiest way to plump up your bamboo pillow daily.

Here we go!

Step 1: Give it a fair shake

Grab your pillow and shake it off until there’s no clump in the filling left. This does wonders with shredded memory foam, polyester or fibre mixed foam and creates extra space in the pillow escorting the air to get inside. A few more flips can even the inner foam out equally, as well. 

Step 2: Swing some good punches at the sides

In case there might be any filling that wasn’t broken up, toss your pillow round and throw some powerful punches on both sides. After some repetitive work, the inner shred would be disentangled even further and redistributed more uniformly. 

Step 3: Stretch the pillow’s tips long and hard

Seize hold of each end and give it a vigorous flex. Squeeze it in and loosen it out rhythmically like you’re performing CPR. This routine would, in turn, allow air to rotate in the filling and out the environment spontaneously.  

Just don’t do it too harshly or you may tear your bamboo pillow apart unintentionally.

Via The Dryer

This method fits perfectly for used pillows flatten out by body moisture and sweat. The dry-clean mechanism helps plump up the foam and suck out vile odor in order to refresh your pillow. 

If your pillow’s care instruction allows fluffing procedures in a dryer, take advantage of it wisely.

Step 1: Take off the bamboo case

There’s always a zip for you to separate the bamboo case and its insert. To prevent the case from getting dysfunctioned while being spinned in the dryer, pay attention to stripping it out beforehand and wash it separately. 

Step 2: Stuff 3-5 dryer balls into the dryer 

If you do not own any dryer ball, you can replace it with tennis balls or bundled sock balls. For better scents, you may consider sprinkling some drops of fragrance oil.

Not only do these balls help reduce static, but they also bounce around inside the dryer and break apart any clump in the filling. 

Step 3: Tumble-dry the pillow insert on medium heat

Place your bamboo pillow insert on medium heat for 10 minutes to half an hour inside the dryer to activate the memory foam. If your dryer is installed with a low/no heat cycle, it’s even better. 

In the end, what we want is the fluffy and airy filling for your bamboo pillow.

Step 4: Hand fluff the entire bamboo pillow

Take the insert out of the dryer and stuff it inside the clean casing. After a brief manual fluffing motion, you’d get a heavenly soft, mushy and fragrant bamboo pillow, just like a melodious serenade into your dreamland.

By Sun Drying 

This method works best for firm memory foam bamboo pillows. In general, it’s not recommended to fluff them in a dryer because the heat and swirling motion may make the pillow fall apart. 

Alternately, you can stroke the four tips of the pillow against each other and shape it as you desire. Afterwards, hang them still inside a sun-drenched balcony or yard. 

Sun drying process allows all the lingering moisture to evaporate, thus, causing the pillow to be inflated again.

Prevalent Underlying Problems While Fluffing Bamboo Pillows

  • When you buy a brand new bamboo pillow, a user’s guide may come in handy. Remember to follow everything inside the care instruction rigidly, not only put all your eggs in Google.
  • If you turn on the high heat cycle, there are great risks that your bamboo cover will undergo metabolism and your filling will deteriorate.
  • Make sure your bamboo casing is sun-dried properly, as there may grow mold and mildew. 

Bottom Line

If you find these fluffing techniques unrowdy and manageable, then bamboo pillows may become your best friend forever for a good night’s sleep, not just a fad like critics say. They are incredibly versatile in benefits and easy to maintain.

Just put some extra daily care to make them soft like a dream and every night you can knock on heaven’s door. Even in every morning when it’s time to rise up, your mind is so at ease and your joints are so flexible that you feel like 20 years younger. 

Have you got any other personal experience on how to fluff a bamboo pillow that you’d like to share, then send in your reviews to let us know as a reference and we’ll keep you updated constantly.