How To Fix A Sagging Mattress with 6 Easy Steps

If your mattress sinks in the middle, it can make you uncomfortable and thus fall asleep. It is alright because you can buy a new better one.

But wait! Why don’t you do something for it to save your money?

This article is a comprehensive guide about how to fix a sagging mattress. I also give you the reasons why your mattress dips.

First, let’s have a look at the factors resulting in this inconvenience!

Sagging mattress is annoying

Why Does A Mattress Sag?

Some questions may come in your mind when something is wrong with your mattress, like:

  • How long have I used it?
  • Am I too heavy?
  • Is its material good?
  • Have I been maintaining it in the wrong way? 

Actually, the most common reason is how we sleep since the sag spots are often located where we rest our back. Despite changing the posture, sleeping positions almost remain the same during 6 – 8 hours. After such a long period of time, the mass from our bodies applies pressure on the mattress and it sinks.

Couples are the ones who cause the most sagging, especially during their intimate time. This is because their weights  are combined.

Sometimes, the bad frame of the stand underneath the mattress makes it bulge. As soon as the frame breaks, the mattress changes its shape.

Problems with internal parts can also cause the mattress to dip. An example is springs that are worn out or damaged.

As a result, the mattress becomes less durable, strong and elastic.

This is downright unpleasant, right? But don’t worry! Here’re the solutions!

How To Fix A Sagging Mattress With 6 Easy Steps

Once we find the cause for the dip in the mattress, we can easily fix it.

There are many ways to do this. I will suggest the most common and effective ones for you to choose.

1. Changing The Sleeping Position

This is the simplest method. It works like this: You often lie in the middle of the mattress, right? However, after a few weeks, you should move to the right or left side. Do that regularly and your mattress will stay good as new. This is because the pressure applied on the mattress is equally distributed.

If sleeping somewhere else bothers you, you can simply rotate the mattress 180 degrees. This method is basically the same with sleeping on the side since they all change the impact of body weight on some parts of the mattress.

2. Using The Mattress Topper

Toppers cover the holes

Topper is a layer on the top of the mattress to protect it from dust, bacteria or moisture and support it with cushioning and cooling.

For a dipping mattress, a thick layer is a quick solution. It can fill the holes and make the mattress softer. You can keep the mattress’s condition from deteriorating because you lie directly on a flat topper.

Topper is often made of different materials, such as memory foam, feathers, wool, convoluted poly foam or latex. But all of them bring a sense of comfort to your body.

3. Placing Some Sheets of Plywood

Some mattresses need a strong base support, particularly slatted base. You may attach these plywood sheets on the foundation of the mattress

Plywood sheets work for the foundation

Remember to measure and cut them carefully because they have to match the foundation and the mattress for the best results. If they are put in the right place, some sags caused by the gaps between the slats can be fixed.

Moreover, this method is cheaper than it looks, and it costs just about $20.00. Quite affordable, right?

But what if we cannot mend the foundation? It’s easy. Just buy one! A new mattress surface can be dipped if its base is not firm. Instead of changing the top, how about reinforcing the bottom?

4. Taking Advantage of The Pillows

People use pillows to rest their head on , hug or even decorate their home.

Now, people also use pillows to fix sagging mattresses. How can we do that? By putting them over the holes and enjoying sleeping with the cotton wool beneath your back or your legs!

However, not everyone likes this style of sleeping. Not to mention, pillows cannot repair the dipped mattress.

5. Thinking About The Warranty

Renovating the drooping mattress gives you a hard time? Contacting the manufacturer is your best choice. They will find the hole and fix it.

Cost does not matter. As long as the product is under warranty, the manufacturer will restore it.

Besides, the quality of service depends on the differences between companies, brands and their policies. For your own benefit, you must understand the terms of the warranty.

6. Getting A New One

If all the tips above fail to meet your need, I am so sorry to say that it is time for you to change your mattress.

This is the most expensive solution, so I will not really advise you to do it. But if nothing else can be done, trying to be positive by thinking that we all use one third of our lives to sleep, investing to get a decent dream place is a must.

Prevention Is Better Than Cure

In spite of how hard you try to keep it in good condition, once a mattress sinks, it cannot be as good as it used to be. Hence, don’t wait for it to have any problems then make a frantic attempt to fix it. You should pay attention to it by adjusting your sleeping position regularly and take care of the foundation.

Dear sleepers, you already know how to fix a sagging mattress. We need to have a nice rest after a long hard-working day. So, whenever you find your sleeping place matters, always look for ways to fix it in time! This is my last piece of advice.

Thank you for reading!