How to Clean Tempur Pedic Pillow – Ultimate Guide

When it comes to the matter of how to clean Tempur Pedic Pillow, many people are unsure of what to do. This pillow is made from delicate memory foam after all, so only one mistake and you might even find yourself in the store looking for a new one.

But not to worry, Tempur Pedic Pillow CAN be washed! Well, with extra care, of course, and there are, like, literally million rules that you must abide by. For examples:

  • Do not wash Tempur Pedic Pillow in a washing machine (the memory foam will be broken and weaken)
  • Treat the pillow gently (Don’t scrub or rub it with force)
  • Avoid using industrial detergent or cleaner
  • Too much water can damage the memory foam 
  • Hot and warm water is a no-go (Memory foam cannot stand heat)

Those are all the ground rules, make sure not to break any and you will be fine. Plus, they only apply for the pillow, you can throw the pillowcase inside the washing machine, it will be less time-intensive that way.

Well, now that you have gone through the basics of the cleaning method, let’s get right on to the main topic of today: How to Clean Tempur Pedic Pillow. So, stay tuned and do not go anywhere!

How to Clean Tempur Pedic Pillow? 

Clean The Covers

First thing first, before going for the inside, you must treat the outside properly. And as I have mentioned earlier, almost every Tempur Pedic Pillow available on the market comes with a nice cover that can be washed using washing machines. To clean your pillow, in the first stage, remove this very cover.

Then, read the instruction tag sewed somewhere on it beforehand. It will inform you about what must be done in order to bring your pillow cover back to the white-as-new state. Remember to stick to it.

Furthermore, when it comes to drying the cover, I strongly advise you to go for the traditional way: Clothesline and sunlight. Try not to get the dryer involved unless it is the last resort, and make sure to keep the temperature low.

Note: If you find the idea of using the whole machine just for some pieces of cloth is a waste of water and detergent, try washing the covers using cold water and mild soap. Again, do not use hot water under any circumstance. Heat and Tempur material do not get on well.

Cleaning Spills

Unwanted spills will soon be gone with this simple method

No matter how careful you are, there will come a time when you accidentally spill something on your bed, or on your beloved Tempur Pedic Pillow. If this ever occurs, do not panic. Follow this simple guide and those annoying spills will vanish for good.

  • Things to prepare: Clean towels
  • What to do:
    • Take one towel and press it against the spill, the fabric will absorb the liquid
    • If once does not work, repeat the process with several towels until the spill is no longer visible
    • Take the pillow somewhere sunny with good air circulation and airdry it. This is how you prevent any moisture remained from sinking further into the memory foam

Note: Clean the spill right when it is still wet. Do not let it set into your pillow. By then, it would be too late for cleaning spill.

Removing Stains

With the right treatment, stubborn stains will no longer bother you

After a considerable time of supporting your head and neck, the odds are that your Tempur Pedic Pillow will accumulate body fluids and dead skin cells and become stained. This is a normal thing. Every pillow user encounters it. Do not worry. Just follow these steps to bid farewell to those disgusting stains:

  • Mix mild soap, or gentle detergent, with cold water (Again, avoid using both in excessive amount) 
  • Damp a cotton cleaning cloth with the mixture
  • Rub the cloth onto the stained area. Take it slow and gentle. Do not scrub too hard as that will have negative impacts on the memory foam material.
  • Air dry your pillow in areas with decent air circulation

Remove Unpleasant Smell

Remove unwanted odor on Tempur Pedic Pillows can help you sleep better at nights

Let me tell you this, there is no greater foe to a good night’s sleep than unpleasant odor. Can you have a nice and comfortable rest if the terrible smell keeps hitting your nose repeatedly? That would be all but torment. So, it goes without saying that keeping your pillow fresh and washing your pillow on a daily basis is a must. That is the quickest and easiest way to stop it from giving off bad smell.

Still, on the off chance that unwanted accidents happen, and your Tempur Pedic Pillow is somehow scented with reek, here is how you can get rid of the odor:

  • Make a special solvent from vinegar and water (the mixing ratio should be 50:50)
  • Put it in a sprayer, and spray it onto your Tempur Pedic Pillow
  • Let the liquid soak into the memory foam, you might have to wait about 5 minutes 
  • Press a cleaning cloth onto the pillow until its surface no longer feels wet
  • Sprinkle baking soda onto the Tempur Pedic Pillow and leave it there overnight in a well-ventilated area
  • Take out your vacuum cleaner and clean the baking soda

This cleaning solution might be a bit time-intensive than the previous ones. But trust me, the long wait will pay off in the end!


Aside from the aforementioned tips, here are a few other things you should n to prolong the lifespan of your Tempur Pedic Pillow, and at the same time, keep your health in check.

  • Memory foam can last pretty long – approximately 10 years, or even longer if you preserve it well. So, for the sake of your foam pillow (and your pockets, these things are nowhere near cheap), make it your habit to clean it regularly.
  • Stains and odors make a perfect environment for dust mites to breed (and eat, and sleep, and, yeah, defecate). Gross! So, don’t forget to wash your pillow and get rid of these nasty things.
  • Opt for mild detergent, this helps maintain the quality of your Tempur Pedic Pillow
  • Keep your room bright well air-ventilated, this will allow the pillow to keep a fresh smell (and kill dust mites too)

Can You Put Your Tempur Pedic Pillow Into a Dryer?

Yes, and No, but mostly No.

People replied differently upon being asked this question. It is indisputable that Tempur material, memory foam in particular, is exceedingly delicate. So, when being exposed to extreme heat, certain parts of it will be ruined, and all the effects of the pillow will vanish.

Even the expert in the bedding field state that drying foam of all kinds using dryers is extremely unwise whether or not you have washed it using washing machine. In the case of memory foam pillow, the heat can damage the material, melting it and renders it unusable. So, a lot of experienced users claim that dryers are not a good fit for Tempur Pedic Pillow. Instead, entrusting your pillow to airdry seems to be the best option.

However, some still insist that it is safe to use dryers on this type of pillow, provided that the appliance comes with a no-heat setting (cool setting). If there is no high temperature, your pillow will be fine.

But honestly speaking, this is kind of risky, and I would not really recommend it. Unless you are in a situation where you have just finished washing your memory foam pillows, yet have no way to airdry it (a sudden rain or something like that), don’t put your Tempur Pedic Pillow inside the dryer. 

Remember, say no to heat, say no to strong agitation, clean with extra care, and your pillow will always be in good shape!


That is all there is to it. See, it is not that difficult to clean and dry your Tempur Pedic Pillow, right?

Picking the habit of washing pillows regularly is not what most people these days are used to. Still, frankly speaking, you should. Getting your pillows clean is not only a good way to ensure that you can fall asleep easily, but also a way to keep your health in check and keep the doctor away. 

Plus, in the case of Tempur Pedic Pillow and memory foam, if you do not tend to it on a regular basis, its quality will soon deteriorate. And then, all of its signature features will go awry. Hey, you paid a fortune just to get these, certainly, you wouldn’t want your money to be wasted like that, right?

Then gather all the essential things, and start cleaning your pillow.

Lastly, thank you for reading my instructions on How to clean Tempur Pedic Pillow. Goodbye!