How To Build A Pillow Fort Creatively?

How to build a pillow fort?

Have you ever dreamed of a fort in your bedroom? This site will help your dream come true.

A pillow fort is totally not hard to make. Using your imagination and creativity, you can design and create many special things with your sleeping pillows.

If designing is too hard, you don’t have to worry as well. This site gives you the instruction of pre-design that you can follow to build forts.

So what are we waiting for? Let’s go!

Some Notes Before Building

Building Pillow Fort is fun. But here are some advice for you to have the best experience. Remember to read it carefully!

  1. You should have your parent’s permission to build the fort. Some parents do not approve of the idea of putting pillows on the floor. If they do not allow, try to convince them and explain to them how fun it is. 
  2. You should play with your friends or your family members. The more people, the merrier. Having your own kingdom is great, but it is not great to live alone. No one likes loneliness, especially children.
  3. You should read and follow the building guide carefully before starting to build your own pillow fort. Remember these two words before building anything: “Safety First”. Do not let any accident ruin your happy time in the pillow fort.
  4. Here is the video for you to learn all the basic things of a pillow fort. And now, let’s start watching it and enjoy your “kingdom”.

If you have got all these notes, then we will dig into the important details.

4 Easy Steps To Build A Pillow Fort

Step 1: Find a perfect place to build

Firstly, find yourself a place to build the fort. You should choose a spot suitable for the weather condition where you feel the most comfortable.

From our point of view, our best place to build a pillow fort is near the wall or on our bed. And of course, these places can allow us to plug your laptop or smartphone to have fun all day.

If the pillow fort is built for cold days

The place should be cosy and close to a heater. Remember to avoid building a fort in front of the door or near the window. We do not want to be cold in our own fort, right?

An ideal place to build a fort on a cold day is a bed or a sofa as they can keep your body warm.

If the pillow fort is built for hot days:

A great place to build pillow fort on hot days should be near a fan or an air conditioner. It will bring you a sense of comfort, and enjoyment of life.

Of course, building near the window is also a good option. This is also an important criterion you need to remember in the hot days.

Step 2: Prepare the materials

You have to walk before you can run. Before learning how to build a pillow fort, you must learn to prepare.

First of all, what you need to prepare is the sheets for the roof. You will need light blankets and bed sheets. The roof should not be heavy items, or else your fort would fall.

The base of the fort should stand still and be solid. Best materials for the base are chairs, sofas or tables. Put carefully the heavy blanket on the base. Do not let it fall apart.

Now are materials to build the walls. Couch cushions are always perfect for walls as they look something like blocks.  Some common couch cushions used for pillow fort are bean bag, memory foam, etc.

You do not want to sit on the cold floor in your pillow fort, right? Then, you should prepare something for the floor too. The floor inside should be made from soft and squishy pillows.

“Emergency case! What should we do? Where is the escape way? “. Yes, Do not forget to leave an escape door from your fort.

Step 3: Start building the pillow fort

Cannot wait to build your fort? You will not have to wait anymore. Here you will learn how to build a pillow fort.

Firstly, set all the chairs against the wall. Put the sheets or blankets on to make the roof. As you can see, the wall behind can be used to be a part of the fort and to hold all other parts of your fort together.

Put all the chairs opposite to each other. Depending on your wish to build a big fort or a small fort, you will adjust the distance between chairs. But remember to place them in order to have space for you to enter the fort. So that you can sit and lie between them.

Use pillow cushions to make a wall around your fort. Do not block all the way. Remember, you need an escape door for emergency situation.

Put all the soft pillow inside the fort to make the floor. After that, you can lie and sit on them.

Cover your fort with a bed sheet or duvet covers. You can tie them to the chair feet with string in order to prevent it from slipping off.

Step 4: Enjoy the life in your pillows fort

Now you can start to enjoy life inside your own fort. Do not forget to edit and improve it every day.

A pillow fort with nothing is too normal. Why do not you make it unique.

Try to decorate it with stuffed animals and rubber bands. Besides, you can give your fort a name. Write the name on a paper and stick it on top of your fort. Do not put heavy objects on the fort or it may fall.

Bring as many flashlights as possible inside and turn it on. If you do not have a flashlight, you can also use glow sticks instead. They will make your fort brighter.

Bring some entertainment devices, books, toys or even food inside. Try to feel the life of a king or a queen at his/her own kingdom.

Invite your friends or family members to the kingdom. The more the merrier. They may have some ideas to upgrade your fort as well.

You can show your love for the fort by improving it from time to time, changing and improve it when you want. And most importantly, always keep it clean, do not throw the trash inside it. A dirty fort is not great at all!


Now you have everything you need to build a pillow fort. Follow this instruction and you can have a great kingdom for you and your friends.

Remember you can design pillow fort building on your own and share it with us. We always want to learn new ways of building.

We wish you a wonderful experience! Goodbye!