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Doctor Naomi Gallant
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Senior Care Consultant

Dr Naomi Gallant is an Occupational Therapist with the King’s College Hospital NHS Foundation Trust, specialising in the care of people with dementia. She holds a Clinical Academic PhD in Dementia Care from the University of Southampton.  Learn more about our team.

Many people at some point in their life need access to a hospital bed, whether it’s through age, illness, or injury, a hospital bed can enhance comfort, treatment, caring, and even recovery. It can be an essential tool for people with ongoing medical conditions.

As you can imagine, the best hospital beds are very expensive. As useful as they may be to you or your loved one, you just can’t always justify a cost of around $1000. But there’s a solution -it’s possible to rent one

Many people need one permanently in instances such as retirement home care, but it’s more convenient for people who are sick or injured to use one on a temporary basis, especially if they only intend on using it for a few weeks or months.

If that’s the case, then renting a home hospital bed makes sense.

Fortunately, there are medical companies that are scattered across the entirety of the United States that offer hospital bed rental as a service. In this article, we’re going to cover everything when it comes to renting a home hospital bed.

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How Much Does it Cost to Rent a Hospital Bed?

It may come to your surprise that the cost to rent a hospital bed is not as absurd as you might expect. On a monthly basis, the average cost to rent one is $200. The cost depends on factors such as size and its features (such as electric, side rails, etc.)

On the other hand, you can consider cutting the cost by opting for a used hospital bed which will be even cheaper to rent per month.

We have seen semi-electric hospital beds on offer for as low as $95 per month. Of course, the full electric beds creep more towards the $300 mark. Brands are also a factor like most products, and the hospital beds built with more quality are obviously more expensive.

One of the best ranges we’ve seen is from Sherman Oaks. Their range consists of full-electric hospital beds, basic non-electric beds, and even the Hill-Rom electric hospital bed.

The Hill-Rom hospital bed frame is the same one used by 75% of hospitals throughout the United States, these cost from $800 per month to rent.

On the other hand, you need not worry about the cost in some cases. Your healthcare provider or doctor can give you a doctor’s prescription (or documentation) for what they think is the right bed for you. Therefore, your insurance policy will cover most or even all of the cost to rent the home hospital bed.

The Benefits of Renting a Hospital Bed

Here are the benefits of renting a hospital bed to use at home:

  • Far cheaper than buying a hospital bed outright
  • A more affordable option
  • More convenient for people who need one temporarily
  • Most rental companies accept payments from your insurance company
  • Huge range of home hospital beds to choose from
  • Don’t have to pay the full cost upfront
  • Insurance will pay most or all of the cost of the rental
  • Most beds are a twin bed and include bed rails
  • Rental subscription includes delivery for free in most cases
  • Some rental companies will cover repair costs

There are many benefits when it comes to rented hospital beds, especially if you manage to get it funded through your insurer. Notably, it all depends if the rental company accepts insurance plans within their contracts.

It’s worth checking and looking into the finer details before you make a decision.

Additionally, you can even rent other medical equipment and even mattresses. No hospital bed will be as cosy as the one you’re used to at first, so don’t miss our guide to making a hospital bed more comfortable.

Cons of Hospital Bed Rental

On the other hand, it’s important to be aware of some shortcomings that exist for hospital bed rentals, you can find these below:

  • Most rental beds are not new and have been used before by people with conditions
  • Many bed rental agreements come with contractual obligations
  • You may have to pay for additional repair costs on top of your rent
  • You can’t modify the hospital bed
  • Renting long-term is not cost-effective and results in higher long term costs than buying outright

We highly recommend reading the small print when shopping for hospital bed rental. Most people don’t do this and just jump straight in. It’s important to know exactly what you’re committing to, and for how long.

Should I Buy a Hospital bed or Rent it?

The decision to purchase a hospital bed or rent it can be overwhelming and confusing, but the best option is dependent on the situation. When deciding between buying and renting a hospital bed, there is a lot to consider: Will I need it for an extended period? Am I able to afford the monthly payments? What are my health care needs?

Rental is a more feasible option for those who need a hospital bed only occasionally. We recommend rental over buying for those who will not use the bed often and find it more feasible financially.

However, renting is not feasible if you’re using the hospital bed for long periods. Besides the financial burden, you can not modify a rented hospital bed to suit your particular needs. Moreover, the additional repair costs from a rented hospital bed make buying one a sensible decision.

To put matters into perspective, if you are looking for a more permanent solution to your health needs, it is prudent to buy a hospital bed. Although renting may seem like an affordable option, the cost of renting every month will quickly become an expensive investment.

If you are looking to use a hospital bed for a short period, You should rent one instead. You shouldn’t buy a bed if you are not going to use it in the near future!

Should I Buy a Hospital bed or Rent it

Does Medicare Cover My Hospital Bed Rental?

Yes, Medicare does cover the cost of rented hospital beds. As their policy states: “If you are a Medicare beneficiary enrolled in Original Medicare (Part A and Part B), your Part B benefits may cover 80% of the allowable charges for hospital beds after you meet your Part B deductible, as long as both your health care provider and medical equipment supplier participate in the Medicare program.”

So to summarise, you need to find a rental company that participates in the Medicare program. If you do, they will pay 80% of the fee per month. The other 20% will be funded out of your own pocket. Alternatively, this can be funded by supplemental insurance such as Medigap, which is also provided by Medicare as a separate plan.

Unfortunately, if you don’t have secondary insurance then the remaining 20% of the fee is paid out of your own pocket.

Furthermore, Medicare can also cover the cost of bed accessories, such as mattress covers and even bed trays.

Bed Rentals Using Medicare Advantage

If you have a Medicare Advantage or Medigap plan, it may cover more than the original 80% that’s covered by standard Medicare. In most cases, the premium plans cover the entire cost of the bed rental which means the out-of-pocket costs are eliminated. Most beds are also covered by Durable Medical Equipment insurance

Where Can I Rent a Hospital Bed?

In the United States, renting a hospital bed depends on your state and city. There are many providers scattered across the country, and some states have more choices than others. Many rental providers only ship locally We’ll list some below. 

Depending on your location throughout the United States, you should have a large number of suppliers that will deliver to your area. Each rental company will deliver to at least 25 miles from their location. We’ve named some local ones in major states below to save you some time. 

California Hospital Bed Rental

If you reside in California then there are many suppliers who offer hospital beds to rent among other medical equipment. We have also included delivery areas that they cover.

New York Hospital Bed Rental

  • Home Pro Medical – Delivery to Manhattan, Brooklyn, the Bronx, Queens, Staten Island, Long Island, Westchester, Connecticut, and Northern New Jersey. Home delivery includes in-home training and the set-up of the hospital bed.
  • Medfirst Home Care – Delivery Across Bergen County
  • Baron Medical – Delivers nationwide to any address in the United States

Chicago Hospital Bed Rental

What is a Bariatric Bed?

Support is provided to individuals with obesity

A Bariatric bed provides a means for support for patients who are heavier. Furthermore, bariatric beds are designed for patients who weigh more than 450 pounds and, therefore, have more support and comfort. They can hold up to 1,000 pounds.

They also require a mattress pad and specific sheets tailored towards their use. Similar to a standard hospital bed, the height of it can be adjusted to suit the user.

The difference is that the bariatric beds are built with more stable materials such as metal, and are more sturdy, thicker, and sometimes less comfortable than regular hospital beds. 

Can You Rent a Bariatric Hospital Bed?

Yes, a lot of medical equipment rental providers offer bariatric hospital bed rental as a service. They aren’t too expensive either, you can expect to pay around $200 to rent a brand new one which is pretty much the industry average for any hospital bed.