The Best Back Pain Mattress – Consumer Reports Reviews (2022)

The consequences of sleep deprivation are dire, and adversely affect the physical and mental health of the deprived person. Healthy sleep is as important as diet, exercise and stress management for health. And one of the biggest causes for sleep deprivation is back pain…

The fast paced lifestyle we have is one of the main causes for health complications later in life. In fact, according to reports done by Brainlab, the lifetime prevalence of ‘common’ low back pain is up to 70% in industrialized countries.

While back pain is fairly easy to treat, a lot of people don’t do anything about it because it’s not that “severe”. And untreated back pain can lead to far more serious health conditions such as chronic back pain, spinal injury, loss of mobility, muscle fatigue, and most importantly, poor sleep.

Being sleep deprived isn’t much fun. Not only does it negatively affect our bodies, but it takes a big toll on our minds as well. With the biggest cause for sleep deprivation being back pain, investing in a high quality mattress might be the best investment you make in your life.

We did all the necessary research, handpicked and wrote detailed product reviews for the top rated 5 mattresses to fit any budget while giving the best body support possible.

The consumer search for the right mattress takes hundreds of hours and thousands of dollars spent on testing and research for the right mattress to help treat back pain. The best mattress brands will align your body appropriately and you will start noticing less back pain in a matter of weeks.

These high density, memory foam, gel infused, and foam mattresses provide back pain support even for side, back, and stomach sleepers.

Top 5 Best Mattress For Back Pain

1. The Mattress by Parachute

The Parachute Mattress journey starts with expert Portuguese craftspeople and culminates with a fourth-generation American mattresses maker.

Furthermore, Parachute partners with the United Nation’s Nothing But Nets campaign to send life saving malaria-prevention bed nets to those in need.

Yet an additional note to take is that Parachute highlights simplicity. They offer only one mattress. However, they focused all their energy and expertise to craft the most legendary mattress in the world…

The One Mattress to Rule Them All

The Mattress by Parachute takes all the benefits from memory foam, latex, traditional innercoil, and foam/coil hybrid mattresses, without any of their drawbacks. There’s no memory foam sinking and sleeping hot, latex’s lack of pressure relief, or any coil cracking.

What mattress firmness is best for back pain?

Parachute thoughtfully designed and specialized this mattress to provide the greatest possible support to back pain sufferers. The mattress is medium firm on the mattress firmness scale. With the middle of the mattress being firm, ideal for back support, and as you move towards the head or the feet, it gets softer, which allows for further pressure point relief and spinal alignment. Moreover, it provides ideal back pain support for back, side, and even stomach sleepers.

Unlike others in our best mattresses list, The Mattress is constructed of layers made from the finest 100% organic cotton combined with pure New Zealand wool. And is certified by the Wool Integrity NZ™ program.

Furthermore, The Mattress contains 5x the coils of a standard mattress. But don’t let that fool you! Despite this being a steel coil mattress, and not a memory foam one, you cannot hear any sound or feel any movement, no matter what you plan on doing…

Parachute designed The Mattress in such a way to make all its layers breathable. Therefore, there’s no chance your body will overheat in any room temperature. Something, not a lot of mattresses can guarantee.

Finally, The Mattress is Oeko-Tex certified, meaning this non memory foam mattress is safely made without any harmful chemicals or synthetics.

From all the tests we’ve done with different mattresses, we can guarantee no other mattress comes close to The Mattress by Parachute. From providing the most astonishing back support in the world, to having no drawbacks, to not a single consumer complaint.

This is the one mattress to rule them all.


  • Best back pain support possible: firm feel in the middle with a softer feel at the head and feet
  • Foam-free. Made of pure New Zealand wool, 100% organic cotton and tempered steel
  • Certified by the Wool Integrity NZ™ program
  • Excellent airflow. Your body won’t overheat in any room temperature
  • Extraordinary motion isolation
  • Contains 5x the coils of a standard mattress
  • Oeko-Tex Certified: Free of toxic chemicals, adhesives and off-gassing substances
  • Available in 6 sizes
  • 10 year warranty: Support materials (foam, coils) will last at least ten years – the entire lifetime of the mattress
  • 100 night sleep trial
  • Super high customer satisfaction rate


  • Expensive, but everything is perfect about this mattress

Best For:

Sleepers looking to spend a bit more on a super comfy mattress providing support to even the most severe back pain problems.

2. Nod by Tuft & Needle, Adaptive Foam 8 Inch Memory Foam Mattress

a man laying on a tuft and needle mattress

The Tuft & Needle memory foam mattress is exclusively designed and manufactured in the USA. From getting the fabric from a 90-year-old family-owned textile mill in the Carolinas. To putting the finishing touches in Southern California.

Yet another proof of Tuft & Needle’s uniqueness comes from their philanthropic endeavors: They are donating millions to social causes such as improving education.

What’s the Matter with this New Mattress?

This new mattress, released in June 2020, is Tuft & Needle’s most affordable one. But, that doesn’t mean the Nod isn’t top rated or it’s lacking in quality or features…

While the Nod isn’t comprised of the proprietary T&N Adaptive foam, it is made of quality 100% polyurethane foam, which is free of any harmful chemicals and is CertiPUR-US® certified.

The polyurethane foam used in the Nod mattress was engineered to have the pressure relief from memory foam and the support from latex. All this, without their drawbacks: memory foam sinking and sleeping hot, and latex’s lack of pressure relief.

The mattress has been tested with thousands of people, from side to back sleepers. And, it seems most users enjoy the medium firmness that fits all.

That said, the Nod mattress provides excellent support for neck and back pain sufferers without feeling like quicksand. It cradles your pressure points and meets you where you are.

Like our previously reviewed Shiloh King mattress, the Nod also comes with a 10 year warranty. But, like a super premium mattress, this one comes with an additional 100-night sleep trial. Letting you take the time to decide if this is the right mattress for you.


  • Excellent Price/Quality ratio
  • Medium firm / one firmness fits all
  • Back pain body pressure points relief
  • Free of harmful chemicals – CertiPUR-US® certified
  • Available in 6 sizes, including king and queen size
  • Trial period of 100 days
  • 10 Year Warranty


  • Great all-round, but not the best for severe pain

Best For:

The Nod mattress by Tuft & Needle is an excellent fit for not too severe back pain sufferers looking for a back support mattress without overpaying or compromising on quality.

3. Casper Sleep Foam Mattress, King, 2018 Edition

a casper mattress next to a casper box

What’s a best mattress list without a Casper product?

While being one of the newest, Casper Sleep is part of the leading foam mattress companies on the market. From excellent body support to motion transfer, Casper Sleep Foam Mattress is an excellent premium memory foam mattress.

Is Casper Sleep Really a Premium Quality Mattress?

While the mattress is “only” 10 inches thick, it has has four layers of foam. The top layers balance softness and supportm while the base layers provide deep comfort and long-lasting durability. Thanks to incorporating this technology, the Casper Sleep 2018 foam mattress has countless consumer reports stating this mattress provides better back support than many 12 inch mattresses.

We love how Casper Sleep specialized this mattress to support the body even in the most severe back pain cases, regardless if the case is for back sleepers or side sleepers. The mattress is comprised of different parts: it has softer foam to provide comfort and support for the shoulders region, and a supportive firm foam for the core and hip area.

Moreover, Casper’s 2018 King memory foam mattress features breathable open-cell foam technology. These tiny pores allow any hot air compressed inside the mattress to escape, keeping couples sweat-free even in the hottest nights.

Additionally, this memory foam mattress provides great motion transfer, “silencing” even the largest movements.

An important thing to keep in mind before buying is that Casper Sleep’s 2018 premium foam mattress is optimized for a limited range of body weights (ranging from 140 – 200lbs (63 – 90kg)). The mattress might seem rock hard for lighter users, while much heavier people (250+ lbs (113+ kg)) tend to think the mattress is too soft. But after all, it’s definitely worth the money if you are in the right body weight range.

Right now, Casper even offers a 100-night risk-free trial for you to see if this mattress matches your body type. While it might require deeper pockets, it is undoubtedly a great addition to the master bed.

To summarize, thanks to all the positive consumer reports best mattress for back pain, this 2018 foam mattress once again makes it to the “What’s the Best Mattresses for Back Pain 2020 List.


  • The Casper brand quality we all know and love


  • More expensive than competitors
  • The firmness might not be for all body weights

Best For:

This Casper Sleep 2018 memory foam mattress is a perfect fit for severe back pain sufferers with deeper pockets looking for a mattress that’s going to last a long time.

4. Sleep Innovations Shiloh King 12 Inch Memory Foam Mattress

a shiloh king 12 mattress on a bed

As stated on their website, Sleep Innovations is a company “slightly” obsessed with quality control. And we can confirm that. All their memory foam mattresses are made in the USA by a large team of sleep experts. Furthermore, their foam mattress is CertiPUR-US® certified. Meaning, it passed rigorous standards for emissions, content, performance, durability, and the foam is made without harmful ozone depleting agents.

Sleep Innovation has many products, but what’s the best mattress?

Consumer reports best mattress for back pain is their Shiloh King…

The Shiloh King is an ideal addition to the master bed. Featuring a premium dual layer 12 inch design with a proprietary Suretemp gel infused memory foam top layer and a 9.5″ long-lasting base foam. This mattress provides cloud-like comfort. These thick layers make the Shiloh mattress an excellent load absorber: indicating you won’t feel the bottom of the bed no matter how much pressure you put on it.

This memory foam mattress gently adjusts to the consumer body shape, providing back support regardless of sleeping positions or body types. The high density of this mattress gets back pain sufferers to forget about the pain. Furthermore, you needn’t worry about being uncomfortable or sweating. The Shiloh mattress features an amazing Air Technology providing support for every sleep cycle in any room temperature.

Additionally, the Shiloh King mattress is also hypoallergenic.

As a cherry on top, Sleep Innovations have so much trust in their products, that they offer a GIGANTIC 3,650-NIGHT GUARANTEE. That’s at least 10 years of worry-free sleep, with the life span of the mattress often being longer than that.

A setback we noticed on the internet is that for a small portion of Shiloh’s sleeper base this high density medium firm mattress got softer over time. We haven’t experienced this ourselves.

Compared to all the features, and health benefits this bed in a box provides to back pain sufferers, the Shiloh King mattress has incomparably great pricing.


  • Dual Layer Mattress Design
  • Back support for every body type and sleeping position
  • Relieves back pain pressure points
  • Air Flow Mattress Technology
  • Excellent price
  • Hypoallergenic
  • Available in 5 sizes, including king and queen size
  • 10 year warranty
  • Compact packaging


  • Consumer reports state that for some users the mattress gets softer over time
  • It might be too firm for some consumers

Best For:

The Shiloh King mattress is an excellent choice for back pain sufferers looking for a simple, compact, and affordable mattress.

5. GhostBed 11GBED66 Mattress

a ghostbed mattress with two ghostbed pillows

At first glance, GhostBed might seem like a high-priced memory foam mattress company. But, when you realize everything they offer for the price, you’ll ask yourself: “How can they charge so little?!” GhostBed is one of the most skillful memory foam bed design companies on this list with over 35 years of mattress design experience.

Is GhostBed Worth It?

The GhostBed 11GBED66 Mattress perfectly conforms to your body. Being formulated of 3 layers: aerated latex layer, gel infused memory foam, and a high density support core layer, this 11 inch memory foam mattress provides optimal body support and the perfect night’s sleep for hip and back pain sufferers.

GhostBed has one of the finest memory foam mattress cooling technologies on the market. The top aerated latex layer cools you down as soon as you touch the mattress, resulting in a premium sleeping experience even in the hottest of nights. On the other hand, GhostBed knows that comfort and support is much more than cooling…

This medium firm memory foam mattress provides extraordinary support for back, side, and even stomach sleepers. GhostBed’s multi layer memory foam mattress technology, as well as the comfy medium firmness helps support hip and back pain by relieving stiffness and pressure points. Additionally, according to consumer reports, sleepers of all styles rated GhostBed as the most comfortable high density memory foam mattress they ever owned.

Being entirely made in the USA, this memory foam mattress completely stops motion transfer, therefore totally eliminating the need to toss and turn.

On the other hand, we’ve found a few remarks about this mattress. According to some users the mattress isn’t comfortable, and for some side sleepers this medium firm gel infused mattress doesn’t provide the necessary body support. Although, this is only for a small percentage of the user base.

But, keep in mind that GhostBed has an industry-leading 20 year mattress warranty. And as a cherry on top, they offer a 100 night sleep trial, so you can test the GhostBed mattress and see whether it provides the right support for you.


  • Finest high quality low cost luxury latex and gel infused memory foam mattress on the market
  • Excellent cooling technology
  • One firmness fits all
  • Free of harmful chemicals – CertiPUR-US® certified
  • Available in 7 sizes
  • 20 year industry-leading warranty
  • Trial period of 100 days
  • One size fits all


  • Expensive

Best For:

Shoppers looking to spend a bit more on a memory foam mattress with extraordinary body support.

Mattress Comparison Table

Wrapping It Up: Our Verdict

“We are not healthy unless our sleep is healthy.” – writes sleep research pioneer, William Dement, MD

Believe it or not, going to bed and getting healthy sleep…

  • Increases your ability to think clearly and function at your highest level
  • Boosts athletic performance by more than 30%
  • Provides support to your skin and appearance
  • Lowers risk of back pain and numerous diseases
  • Helps support weight loss
  • Improves your memory and ability to learn
  • Decreases your risk of diabetes
  • Helps support your heart and decreases your risk of heart disease
  • Improves your ability to fight off body infections
  • Decreases your risk of accidents

Plenty of reports support the fact that sleep is the most important predictor of how long we’ll live. Perhaps, even more important than whether you smoke, exercise, have a high blood pressure or cholesterol levels.

A comfortable bed is of great help in the fight against your current back pain. Investing in a special bed, like the adjustable ones, can help you feel more comfortable.

Use soft bed sheets, supportive pillows, and a warm blanket.

Using the wrong size fitted sheets or a low quality mattress can make you feel restless at night, resulting in increased back pain and bigger problems. Make sure you have a mattress of the right type and style. Keep your bed clean. Also, washing your bedding with scented fabric conditioners will produce a calm sleeping environment.

And now, you have all the information to choose the perfect mattress to support your body and your budget. If it were us, we’d recommend the Parachute Mattress overall, for its all round high performance.

We highly recommend you to invest in a high quality mattress before back pain leads to more serious health conditions, such as chronic back pain, spinal injury, loss of mobility, muscle fatigue, and poor sleep.

Invest in yourself. Invest in a mattress now.