Bunkie Board vs. Plywood: What Should You Choose?

You want to compare Bunkie Board vs. Plywood to choose one for your mattress, but you are too confused to decide which one?

Both Bunkie Board and Plywood have their pros. Hence, it is quite difficult for people to make a choice.

Don’t worry! We will help you.

This article will give you the answer to your wonder. However, you need to understand about Bunkie board and Plywood beforehand.

What is Bunkie Board?

Bunkie Board also spelled Bunky Board is a flat and thick object which people usually use to support the mattress.

The average thickness of the Bunkie board ranges from 1 to 3 inches, but perhaps there are several Bunkie board with a thinner or thicker size. People design its length and width so that it has the appropriate size for the bed, for example, a single or double one.

Materials to produce Bunkie Board are often Plywood, particleboard, or synthetics materials.

The Bunkie board may have different designs. For instance, some have decoration with motifs; some are dyed, painted, or wrapped with a cloth.

It appears to replace heavy and bulky box spring mattresses. Like box spring mattresses, this product is between the mattress and bedsheets. However, the Bunkie board makes users more convenient than a box spring mattress because it is lighter and easier to move.

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What is Plywood?

Plywood is the creation of the wood industry. This board is made of many layers of sliced ​​lumber arranged perpendicular to each other continuously in the direction of the wood grain of each layer.

The layers are glued together with glue, for example, phenol-formaldehyde under the effect of heat and pressure.

Plywood includes three components. They are the Inside, which consists of many thin layers of wood sliced ​​from a log and then glued together, the Face, which is the veneer layer, and the glue used to fix the wood layers, including water-resistant glue or anti-moisture.

Depending on the needs to use, we can classify Plywood into several types of plywood, such as soft Plywood and hard Plywood.

Plywood used for exterior furniture and Plywood for furniture has some difference in the types of glue used and the price.

Plywood has some characteristics such as durability, brightness, hardness, tensile strength, physical stability against the state of warping, shrinkage, and torsion.

Bunkie Board vs. Plywood: The Differences

Their Thickness and Strength

Compared to Plywood, Bunkie Board is thicker than. The average thickness of the Bunkie board is from 1 to 3 inches, while that of Plywood maybe 3, 5, 8, 15, 25 mm, and so on.

Therefore, depending on the needs of each project or product, you can select the appropriate sheet thickness.

About the strength, the Bunkie board is stronger than the Plywood because of its weight-bearing capacity. However, if people make the Bunkie Board with low-quality materials, it will not be supportive of your bed.

Plywood has many different types and uses, so some are not suitable for heavy-duty installations. However, unlike ordinary wood, Plywood will not shrink or expand. That is one strong point.

The Price

When you consider buying the Bunkie Board or the Plywood, their price will indeed be an essential factor. Think about how much money you can spend on the product and whether it is appropriate for you or not.

A Bunkie Board may cost at least $30, but with this price, the quality is not ensured. A suitable price for an excellent product is about $100. You can even see the cost of several hundred dollars.

For a Plywood used for a bed, you will cost over $150. It must be expensive for many people. If you want to have a touch and durable product, it will be a great choice.

Which Is Better?

Bunkie Board and Plywood are not quite the same. Each of them has its pros. Bunkie Board is best at its thickness and price, while Plywood has high durability and toughness.

If you require the thickness of the product and cannot afford one at a high price, a Bunkie Board is suitable.

In case you want it to be lasting and difficult to be damaged, choose a Plywood. With this choice, you can make a plywood bed yourselves.

Anyways, both of them are excellent and make you confused to make a decision. However, each one suits each person, not all. Hence, you should consider your condition to choose which one. Don’t follow the majority.

In conclusion

So now, Bunkie Board vs. Plywood, have you got to know what to choose yet? We advise you to think carefully about all the factors to make the best decision.

Buying a Bunkie Board helps you save money, and purchasing a Plywood allows you to have your DIY project. Just follow your desire to choose.

We hope this article will be helpful for you when you want to buy a supportive product for your mattress. 

Thank you for reading!