Box Spring Vs Slats – Which One Is Recommended?

Do you know that sleep accounts for one-third of everyone’s life? A sound sleep at night is really important.

Sleep helps you rest and recover after a tiring day. However, in order to get a good night’s sleep, you will need suitable bed frames. Not every expensive bed is the best. 

In this article, I will compare the advantages and disadvantages of the two most popular bed frames today: Box Spring vs Slats. So you can have an overview to make a wise decision. Let’s find out now!

In order to know the better one of Box Spring vs Slats, we should firstly know what are they and their pros, cons.

What Are Slats?


Simply put, slats are a kind of bed bases made from wood. These wood bars lie across the bed frame in order to prevent the mattress from sliding. Besides, slats also distribute the weight and help to prevent the sleepers from sinking down while sleeping.

There are two common types of slats which are:

Solid Slats

These solid slats are made from pine wood. They usually lie straight across the bed frame in order to increase the bed’s firmness.

If you need some slats that can combine with a firm mattress, the solid slats will be an ideal option.

Sprung Slats

The material to make sprung slats is often flexible beech wood. Instead of running straight from side to side on the bed frame like solid slats, these sprung slats are slightly curved. Therefore, it can help to reduce pressure on the mattress and bring a soft feel.

If you are looking for some slats that make the bed surface cushioned, you should choose this sprung type.

Pros and Cons


A great thing that slats bring you is durability. The slats are a key tool to support and ensure the stability of the mattress. Besides, these slats are easy to buy, easy to find and simple in use. When using wooden slats, you save a lot of money compared to purchasing a wood box foundation.

Slats are also suitable for people with weak health who cannot carry heavy things like the elderly or people who live alone. By installing small wooden bars, they can arrange slats in their room themselves without the assistance of anyone.

Unlike many current bed frames, slats allow for air circulation because they have spaces under the mattress. This gives users a pleasant feeling.


The hot and humid summer days are the enemy of slats. If you do not know how to protect them in the right way, they can be damaged by termites and fail over time.

Slats are easy to find, but finding one that fits your bed frame is not easy. Depending on the bed frame, slats can be thick, thin, light or heavy. If you can not find suitable wooden slats, your bed will not be strong enough to prevent the slats from moving around.

Slats can sag if subjected to an overload mattress. It can even be broken if the support of the slats is not strong enough. However, high-quality slats can be better. Therefore, remember that you get what you pay for.

What Is A Box Spring?


A box spring is simply defined as a platform for mattresses. There is a layer of cushion that covers all the outside of the box. Inside the box, there are metal springs that help to make it bounce and elevate mattresses.

Box springs always have a modern style design. But if you are kind of person who likes everything to be simple, you can still choose the common style, which  resembles a traditional bed.

Pros and Cons

Everything has two sides. A Box Spring is no exception.


A box spring is special because it is really high. With its special height, you can use it as a bench to sit, or you can lie on it without slacking your legs. 

The springs in the box are so sturdy that it can hold heavy mattresses.

Once a box spring is placed, it will stay in one place without moving. You will not have to worry that it would slip or shift.

When you combine box springs with firm mattresses, they will help you avoid terrible neck pain. Box spring is suitable for those who often use the computer to work and have neck and shoulder problems.


The box spring is heavy, which means you will have difficulties in moving it. 

A box spring is made of many materials. So it is more expensive than other bed types as well.  

Box Spring vs Slats – Which is Better?

Depending on what you want from a bed frame, you will know which type is suitable. If you want to know which criteria that you can base on to compare Box Springs vs Slats, here is a list of them.

Kind Of Mattress That You Use

When you want to choose between box spring and slats, you need to think about the mattress that you will use.  Each type of bed frames will support different types of mattresses

For example, slats will support the soft mattress. On the other hand, box springs can support mattresses with a high level of firmness.

Height Of The Bed

Each person requires different bed height. 

For example, when you have a problem with your back, you will need a higher bed. In this case, you should choose a box spring. On the other hand, if you are finding a bed frame for your children, a low or normal bed frame like slats is fine.

Decoration In Room

Choosing a suitable bed frame type is important. But do not forget to consider whether the box spring or slats suits other pieces of furniture in your room.

Always remember, a beautiful bedroom helps you to enjoy the good night’s sleep as well.


Do you want a product that can last long right? Of course, the durability of the bed frame is also one criterion that you must consider before buying.

Both slats and box springs are durable because they can hold and support heavy mattresses. Besides, the materials used to make box springs and slats are from wood or metal, which are very sturdy. So you can be assured about how long these products last.


We cannot buy anything that our budget does not allow. Each type of bed frames has its own price depending on the materials, the features,, the shape, the style, etc.

If you do not have much money, you can think about buying slats. Slats are much cheaper than a box spring. In case you want a box spring, you can try some old-fashioned or traditional ones. They always have a good price. But remember that you will get what you pay for. 


Now, you have known the differences between slats and box springs as well as the pros and cons of them. Have you found a suitable one for yourself?

Remember one thing: Always base on those criteria above and follow the buying guide before making a purchase. If you still have something to ask, just contact us.

The topic ends here, thank you for reading!