Box Spring Vs Foundation: Which Is Better to Use?

It’s time for you to replace the old and creaking bed base. There is a wide range of bed bases in the market, and you might have heard about Box Spring vs Foundation – two popular types of bed foundations. But, which should you choose?

Oh, that is a difficult question because each of them has good and bad sides. First, learn what they are and how they work. Then, we will help you find the best option.

What Is Box Spring?

A Box Spring is a bed base that looks like a rectangular box, surrounded by a frame made of hard material, usually wood or steel. Inside the frame of a spring box, there are a large number of springs which is fixed firmly. And at the end of the manufacturing process, the frame is covered with a suitable cloth. 

Besides, it is known as Divan in some countries, especially in the UK, where they put more casters under a box spring for convenient movement.

An ideal box spring must meet below requirements:

  • It can raise the height of a mattress and make it easy to get in and out of the bed.
  • It can absorb the impact and reduce wear and tear on the cushion.
  • It can make the mattress a firm, flat base that does not move while you lie down.


  • Box springs are always the cheapest choice

On the market, they have an extremely reasonable price, which is $100 to $300 on average. Of course, the prices fluctuate depending on the quality.

  • The springs create a significant effect on your health when using the spring box

Thanks to the springs, the mattress will become softer and more elastic, which will give you a good night’s sleep.

  • The springs in this bed base also have a damping effect

It means that they will absorb your body movements, thus reducing damage to your bed base.


  • The lifespan is not extended

The springs are made of metal, so after a period of use, they will rust inside the spring box. Also, springs tend to lose their elastic ability and become saggy after a period of use.

  • The spring box is only compatible with certain types of mattresses because it has the fixed size.

What Is Foundation?

Foundation is a bed base used to support the mattress; it looks like a mattress stand with a rigid frame made of wood or metal, and the bottom has fixed legs. A wooden platform usually has seven or eight support rods placed underneath the paperboard. 

Some types of foundations can be dismantled and folded to facilitate mobility. Foundation can be used with or without frames and can be placed directly on the floor.


  • It can raise your mattress to make it convenient for getting on and off the bed. And you also have extra storage space under the bed.
  • It is suitable for many different types of mattresses.

Especially latex or dense, and flexible mattresses, even airbeds. Because of the steady material, the foundation has the strength to carry various types of mattress.

  • It creates a stable surface for your mattress

It absorbs the unexpected impact and does not sink. The Foundation is durable with the hard-designed frame, not being swept down after a period of use.


  • It sometimes causes discomfort to users

It is a hard block that does not contain springs, it can be uncomfortable for some people who prefer a soft and elastic bed. You may wake up with body aches.

  • Its price is a bit high

An average price of a foundation is about $200 to $300. However, some foundations are quite cheap, just under $100. Besides that, some brands sell the foundation at a much higher price, ranging from $700 to over $1500.

Box Spring Vs Foundation: Which is Better?

This will certainly be the most expected part. Although both bed bases have their own advantages and disadvantages, let’s take a look at which one can meet your demand.

A box spring is most commonly used in the US, while in the UK people prefer foundation as a bed base. Because foundations have no spring, they will be a helpful supporter for various mattresses, while box springs must go with a suitable size mattress, such memory foam mattress or innerspring coil mattress.

Besides, if you care about prices, the box spring will be a great choice. On the market, this bed base is considered cheaper than a foundation.

In contrast, foundations have a longer longevity as they don’t contain springs, so they won’t rust after a time. However, it has received some user complaints. They said that this type of web base was pretty hard for them to lay because it had no elasticity like the box spring.

Final Thoughts

Both Box Spring vs Foundation have their own benefits and drawbacks. If you love to enjoy a sleep in a soft bed, you should get a box spring. The foundation will be perfect if you are interested in the durability and versatility of a bed base.

Finally, we hope that our sharing will help you to choose the best bed base. Tell us about your option in the comment section below!