5 Best Waterbed Mattresses of 2022

When it comes to waterbed mattress, its users get to enjoy the thrilling sensation of lying on water. Waterbed mattresses are in two types, the soft-sided waterbeds, which has a water chamber inside a frame padded with fiber and foam padding. The soft-sided waterbeds feel and look similar to standard mattresses.

The other type is the hard-sided waterbed model, which has a wooden frame that has the water chamber. They are usually spacious and heavy and relatively inexpensive. Waterbed mattress customers can opt for semi-waveless, waveless, and free-flow design.

Semi-waveless waterbeds have slight waves which result in a balanced sensation. Waveless waterbeds live up to their name; this is because they don’t generate undulations. Free-flow beds, on the other hand, have dramatic waves at its surface, which causes a wave-like sensation. There are cases of sleepers who enjoy the sensation feel, there are others; however, who may feel seasick from the undulations.

Waterbed Comparison Table

Top 5 Best Waterbeds of 2020

When purchasing a waterbed that suits your needs, it can be a difficult task, considering the many brands available in the market. We, therefore, will be looking at some of the best waterbeds that you can purchase, and the factors to consider before purchasing one.

Boyd Speciality Waveless Waterbed Mattress

Boyd has been asleep mattress leader since the year 1977; it has now introduced the new waterbed mattress with a conditioner and a full kit. The Boyd Speciality Waveless Waterbed Mattress deals with all your sleep-related issues. The mattress features three lumbar fiber layers that provide excellent support.

The Boyd waterbed mattress is waveless as it contains five layers, which is constructed to reduce waves. The mattress comes with a reduced surface tension, which provides a comfortable and good night sleep, by providing extra comfort and contouring at the top.

The mattress has a 4-point memory stretch tether system; this prevents the fiber layers from shifting. You, therefore, won’t feel movement from the other sleeper.  Boyd Speciality Waveless waterbed Mattress has four patented Quadra-tech, which improves the life-span and durability of the mattress.

The mattress is available in different colors such as purple, blue, and green, and it’s meant for your waterbed frame as it has 72W by 84L. The king-size mattress comes with 4oz premium water conditioner bottle and a full kit. Its warranty is for four years; it’s strong enough and suitable for your pets as well.

InnoMax Sanctuary Free Flow Waterbed Mattress

The InnoMax design is of high quality that is from a company with over 40 years of superior performance in mattresses. The InnoMax Sanctuary Free Flow waterbed Mattress has a lot of features, and it offers full wave motion. This helps in keeping your body in perfect alignment as you sleep and in the process, reducing stress on your body.

The mattress has zero-wave elimination system, 20 mil premium vinyl body overcut Low tension Mattress made. It offers responsive levels of support on your body, depending on different needs. This results in your body getting complementary support and ease while sleeping in any position.

The waterbed has a depth of 9 inches, making it fit a minimum wooden frame or rigid box of 9 inches by 72 inches by 84 inches. A king size mattress can accommodate a capacity of up to 200 gallons of water. The waterbed has double strength, and it’s durable for a long time, due to its T-corner seam and double reinforced corners construction.

The quality of the mattress is enhanced by the Specific Gravity 1 SG 1 Low Tension Mattress, which is an additional feature. This is because it reduces disturbances brought about by the movement of the other sleeper, allowing you to sleep peacefully. The mattress comes with 20 years as the warranty period.

The waterbed mattress has an easy pull seal and cap, which offers maximum watertight and airtight security. This results in maintenance, which leads to excellent performance. Its eight layer mid-body support system provides perfect contouring support and comfort. In case you require the ultimate comfort, then the InnoMax sanctuary waterbed Mattress is ideal for you.

Classic California Waterbed Mattress

Are you looking for a full movement waterbed mattress? Then the Classic California Waterbed Mattress is what you need. The mattress provides a feeling as though you’re floating on water, after lying on the mattress for 15 to 20 seconds or more. This is usually the aspect that most individual require when they opt for a waterbed mattress.

The free-flowing waterbed mattress, relaxes your muscles, distributing your weight and allowing you to feel like you’re falling asleep on an ocean. In case you aren’t up for the feeling of water moving underneath you, then this isn’t an ideal option for you. If you, however, love the feeling of moving water beneath you, this is the perfect choice for you.

The 22 Mill virgin Vinyl reinforces corners, which increase the durability of the mattress, keeping it strong. The mattress is perfect for individuals who love traditional waterbeds, which makes them feel like they were sleeping on the ocean.  The 22 Mill Virgin Vinyl thickness offers enough support without fail. The mattress has 12 years warranty and comes with a 4 oz premium clear bottle conditioner; hence, you won’t need to buy another separately.

The mattress can fit into a wooden frame or a box frame of 84 inches by 72 inches by 9 inches in measurements. With its depth of 9 inches, this hard-sided type of waterbed can, therefore, fit perfectly in a wooden frame. The waterbed corners are perfectly puckered, and it has no creases whatsoever.

InnoMax Genesis 800 Ultra Waveless Waterbed Mattress

The InnoMax Genesis 800 Ultra is a waveless waterbed mattress, and it’s a king-size. It utilizes the rigid side box frame that holds the mattress in place. The mattress comes with a multi-layer system which eliminates undulations. It practically eliminates movement to contour your body to the mattress; hence, leading to nearly a perfect alignment of your body and a comfortable night sleep.

The mattress features an enhanced support system for the mid-body region and on the sleeping surface a Sculpted Body Profile. Its 4-way tethered support provides excellent stability and a premium 24 mil vinyl cover. The mattress can be utilized with a heater sold separately, and it also requires a frame. The waterbed also offers 20 years warranty period that is prorated as follows:

  • Year 1 to 3- replacement at no charge
  • Year 4 to 6- payment of 60% of the current price for replacement
  • Year 7 to 9- payment of 70%
  • Year 10 to 12- payment of 80%
  • Year 13 to 20- payment of 90%

Perfections Soft-side Waterbed Deep Fill 750 System Waterbed Mattress

When it comes to the Perfection Soft-side Waterbed Deep Fill 750 Waterbed Mattress, it contains features that most waterbed mattresses don’t offer. The mattress has a bottom design which keeps it from slipping and ensuring it’s in place. It also comes with a bamboo stretch kit cover and soft cotton to provide maximum comfort.

The mattress gives you maximum support and comfort by distributing your weight evenly on the surface of the waterbed. The mattress is a soft-sided model and doesn’t need a hard-sided base. Instead, its eyelet tethered and 4-way hook support system maintains its stability. The waterbed mattress comes with benefits like a temperature control system, heater, and fill and drains kit.

The Touch Temp digital temperature control ought to maintain temperature to +/-1/8 of a degree, and it contains temperature readout. Its 22 mils vinyl aquamarine eight layer cover support system is of high quality; it also has heavy duty 12mil vinyl safety liner for an added security. The mattress is capable of lying on any solid flat surface without requiring side supports.

It’s available in different sizes such as Queen (80 inches by 60inches), LKing (80 inches by 76 inches) and LCalifornia (84 inches by 72 inches). The waterbed mattress has 20 years manufacturer’s warranty, which shows the confidence the manufacturer has on the product.

Factors To Consider When Purchasing A Waterbed Mattress

1. Type of Waterbed Mattress

When it comes to waterbeds, two common types are basing on how water is contained. The hard-sided and soft-sided waterbeds are the two categories available. Hard-sided waterbed mattress requires a solid frame for supporting the four sides and the base. The mattress needs a special structure such as wood for maintaining its shape.

The soft-sided waterbed mattress doesn’t require a wooden frame to hold up its shape. The mattress is zippered in a fabric casing; it contains strong sides and can stand alone. Water is contained in a frame chamber made of fabric and foam upholstery. The mattress can easily fit in existing furniture in the bedroom.

Before selecting a waterbed mattress, be specific regarding the type of mattress you prefer, whether it’s a soft-sided or hard-sided waterbed.

2. Durability

The durability of a waterbed mattress largely depends on how you handle it. They have a reported life-span of ten to twenty-five years; you, therefore, need to take special care, in case you opting for a waterbed mattress. Ensure to keep it away from needles, nails, animals, or any other sharp object that can damage its vinyl material.

The health of your water also determines the durability of your waterbed mattress. Maintaining the quality of your water is essential; hence, there’s addition of some chemicals to prevent the growth of molds.

3. Firmness

When it comes to waterbed mattresses, they offer an adjustable firmness. This is because the addition or removal of water affects how the mattress will feel. If you fill the chamber with water to its capacity, it results in a firm setting.

However, removing some water softens the waterbed mattress to some extent.  It’s essential to note, under-filling will also result in a firmer feel.

4. Noise

The waterbed mattress contains heaters, which makes some noise. The noise is, however, a gentle whirring sound that some sleepers liken it to white noise, which helps them in falling asleep. There are also cases of splashing water noise, in case the chamber is not near capacity or not filled. Therefore it’s vital to get an instruction manual or help from an expert in filling the mattress with water.

5. Bedding

If the bed’s size is different from the previous mattress, then the owner will require a new set of sheet for the waterbed mattress. Hard-side waterbeds mattress needs a new set of sheets; because of the unique dimensions that the mattress has. This is except the California King size, which has the same dimensions as other mattresses.

6. Maintenance and Costs

Going for a waterbed mattress with temperature control heaters can lead to your utility bill increasing considerably. Hard-sided waterbed model is also expensive to maintain as it’s susceptible to malfunctions and leaks. Maintain of waterbed mattresses is not a walk in the park! But it’s possible.

A waterbed mattress is, in most cases, more expensive than other ordinary mattresses; however, this is also dependent on the brand of the waterbed. You should also note; a waveless waterbed mattress is more expensive than other types of waterbeds.

7. Warranty

Before making any purchases, ensure that you read the warranty. This is essential, especially in cases where you have problems with your new waterbeds mattress.

8. Odor Potential

The hard-sided waterbeds mattresses have a higher odor potential. This is due to the vinyl associated with strong initial off-gassing and smells which linger for a good while. Soft-sided waterbed mattresses, on the other hand, emit less odor. However, some owners may notice an initial off-gassing.

Final thoughts

With the above review, getting the best waterbed mattress cannot be more comfortable. From the review, you can select which waterbed mattress, best suits your needs and preference. Taking into account durability and comfort makes waterbeds mattresses an excellent investment, as it will eventually pay you back. When purchasing waterbed mattresses, it’s essential that you consider the factors mentioned above, among others.