Best Cheap Twin Mattresses of 2022

If you are looking for a mattress that offers comfort, saves space and yet affordable, then you will do well to purchase the Best Cheap Twin Mattresses. This type of mattress is ideal for people on the lookout for something befitting for their children or guests.

However, with so many products available on the market all with the same claim of being the best, making the right decision becomes difficult. Not anymore though as in this article we will be sharing with you the top eight products. Come along as we discover together, shall we?

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Top 8 Best Cheap Twin Mattresses

Olee Sleep 10 Inch Omega Hybrid Gel Infused Memory Foam and Pocket Spring Mattress

Olee Sleep 10 Inch Omega Hybrid Gel Infused Memory Foam and Pocket Spring Mattress composes of five layers along with pocket spring. It has a coil that is 7.5-inch thick; this is to maintain the mattress’s firmness. It also features 1.5-inch memory foam which it uses to absorb the pressure and also disperse the same in the spring.

It is high-density foam which helps to reduce heat, it has Duraflex foam that is 1-inch thick and provides elastic support. Furthermore, it has a patented Dura pocket spring which provides durable support. It also features a Dura cool I-gel, this helps you get a deep and comfortable sleep at night, it’s also not temperature sensitive.


  • It is affordable
  • It is very comfortable
  • It is ideal for those with backache
  • It is not temperature sensitive


  • While one is soft, the other is too firm
  • The edges slump after a while

It not enough to purchase any twin mattress that catches your fancy as purchasing a product based on mere sight may lead to the wrong decision. Given this, we took out time to research on the top products currently on the market. They include:

Linenspa 8 Inch Memory Foam and Innerspring Hybrid Mattress

We start our list with the Linenspa 8 Inch Memory Foam and Innerspring Hybrid Mattress. This mattress which is also available in 10 inches and 12 inches (the 12 inches features gel infusions along with individually encased coils) is a combination of memory foam and an innerspring mattress which gives an average firm feeling that is ideal for kids and guests.

The memory foam which has a plush layer helps in aligning the spine to reduce the pressure points thereby increasing comfort. It has a cozy knit cover; it comes to you in a convenient box which makes it easy for delivery to be made and also for set up.


  • It has tempered steel coils
  • It is comfortable and ideal for support and shape
  • It is made of quality memory foam


  • Mattress often carries bedbugs
  • It has no support at the edges

Zinus Memory Foam 12 Inch Green Tea Mattress

This mattress is made of two 3.5 inches foam; the two layers are made of convoluted foam which enables air to flow properly between the layers. There’s also a layer made of 2-inch comfort foam which is overlaid with 3-inch memory foam. The foam is certified by CertiPUR-US hence you are assured of its quality, performance, and durability.

Zinus Memory Foam 12 Inch Green Tea Mattress is infused with castor oil, green tea, and activated charcoal. The activated charcoal absorbs and reduces odor as well as moisture while its egg-crate structure allows for proper ventilation between the layers of the mattress and also prevents the buildup of molds, bacteria, and dust mites. The green tea feature inhibits the growth of microbes.


  • Its green tea feature inhibits the growth of microbes
  • The activated charcoal feature kills odor and absorbs moisture
  • It is an eco-friendly mattress


  • It has a smell of foam
  • Mildew

Sweetnight Twin Mattress, Sweetnight Twin Size Mattress

This mattress is made of 65% polyester, 5% spandex, and 30% Viscose; it is a 10-inch mattress that is made of four layers and also zoned gel memory foam. The patented mattress helps to align your body properly; it also supports the body and helps to relieve pressure all at a comfortable yet cool temperature. It is ideal for those with backaches and those prone to excessive sweat.

Sweetnight Twin Mattress, Sweetnight Twin Size Mattress is flip-able thereby allowing sleeping on either side of the mattress. The top has gel memory foam while the bottom side has high-density support foam. It is CertiPUR-US certified and does not contain harmful substances; it is also made of breathable Rayon cotton fabric. It is comfortable, durable and comes with a ten-year warranty.


  • It offers a ten-year warranty
  • It does not contain harmful substances
  • The two sides are available to sleep on


  • None

Tuft & Needle Twin Mattress

Tuft & Needle Twin Mattress has an open-cell technology which has the right firmness to it. Its top layer is made from cooling graphite and cooling gel which gives you comfort and support then there is the support foam layer that provides a solid foundation.

It offers pressure relief and also bounces so that your sleeping partner is not affected while you are both sleeping. It has a soft cover and also features a heat-wicking technology to give added comfort. It is Oeko-Tex 100 and CertiPUR-US certified and also comes with a ten-year warranty.


  • It comes with a ten-year warranty
  • It has a propriety adaptive foam
  • It is non-toxic


  • It is not very durable
  • It is very firm

LUCID 10-Inch Gel Memory Foam Mattress

LUCID 10-Inch Gel Memory Foam Mattress comes in two layers one of which is a 2.5-inch gel infused and ventilated memory foam while the other is a foam of 7.5-inch density; these two layers create an ideal amount of support. The gel foam topper keeps your body cool by making use of its regulating technology.

It also features a ventilated design that not only ensures airflow but also ensures the mattresses lasts for a long time. Its outer layer is made of a TENCEL blend fabric which is soft and breathable. It is CertiPUR-US certified hence you are sure it’s free from toxic chemicals.


  • It is very comfortable
  • It is certified by relevant regulatory bodies
  • It is durable
  • Features a ten-year warranty


  • Mattress sometimes doesn’t deflate
  • It’s too firm

Signature Sleep Contour Encased Mattress

This mattress is 10-inches in thickness with a core that has 7-inch thick coils made of fifteen gauge steel. The coils are overlaid and also underlaid with a three-layer 3-inch thickness. Signature Sleep Contour Encased Mattress is composed of three different foams with the top featuring a soft, breathable cover that is resilient and gives a snug comfort.

The mattress also works as a hybrid technology which gives you the best features of each of its independent technologies. Its coils compress easily under your weight but bounce back to shape in no time. It offers an edge to edge support and yet conforms to your body structure in seven ways which are shoulder, head, lower body, upper body, hips, spine, and legs.


  • It has a hybrid technology
  • Its steel coil gets rid of motion transfer
  • It has a fire retardant barrier
  • It features a soft cover to give you better sleep


  • The covers are non-removable and non-washable
  • Mattress often develops indentation

Modway Aveline 8” Gel Infused Memory Foam Twin Mattress

We round off our list with the Modway Aveline 8” Gel Infused Memory Foam Twin Mattress. This mattress enables you to sleep soundly as it helps aligns your spine and also reduces the pressure on your shoulder, lower back and hips, it does this with the aid of an open-cell memory twin mattress.

The mattress is CertiPUR-US; therefore, you can be certain that it is free from formaldehyde, PBDEs, TCEP, heavy metals and other toxic materials. It features a ten-year warranty and has excellent customer service. The gel-infused memory foam has a top layer with an open cell that is also well ventilated. It reduces sweat even during humid weather.


  • It has a stable and dense foam base
  • It conforms to the middle layer of the foam
  • It comes with a ten-year warranty and excellent customer service
  • It is independently tested and certified


  • The foam depresses in a short time


Your children and guests deserve the Best Cheap Twin Mattresses not just because they are affordable but more because they are durable and comfortable as well.

If ever you are looking for the right product to purchase, all you need do is read up on the products reviewed in this article. So go ahead and make your choice; give those you love a mattress fit for queens and kings that they are without having to break the bank.