Best Rails For Adjustable Beds

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Although adjustable beds have become increasingly popular in the recent past, a high percentage of people who use them are either seniors or people recovering from injuries. Therefore they may need a little more support to get in and out of bed or even when they need to sit on the bed.

Bed rails are perfect for this job because although you may want to help your loved one, a bed rail gives them the freedom to lie down or sit up without needing constant help. That way, you can leave them in bed and go about your duties without worrying that they will be stuck in bed waiting for you.

With a bed rail, you are more at peace knowing that the senior or injured person is safe and they can get in and out of bed without putting a strain on their injuries. At this point, you may be wondering what bed rails are for and how you can ensure that you purchase a suitable bed rail for your adjustable bed.

This article will talk about two of the best adjustable bed rails in the market, their features, and how to attach them to the bed. Read on to find out all you need to know about adjustable bed rails.

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Best Rails For Adjustable Beds

What is A Bed Rail?

Elderly adults and people recovering from injuries and surgeries may not be comfortable sleeping on standard beds, as a result, it is recommended they sleep on adjustable beds. Apart from comfort, standard beds provide the support they need to have a good night’s sleep and recover fast. However, in their weakened state, it is vital to ensure they get in and out of bed safely. 

As an adult, you may feel helpless if you must get assistance for a simple task such as getting in and out of bed. This may make you depend on other people, thus losing your sense of independence and self-worth. The good news is that a bed rail, also known as safety rail, mobility bed rail, or adult belt rail, ensures that you can get in and out of your bed safely without needing assistance.

Additionally, there are various bed rails in the market, so you choose a bed rail that suits your needs thus retaining your independence. Additionally, different bed rails fit different bed types, so ensure you select a suitable bed rail depending on the bed types you need the bed rails for.

Who Needs Adjustable Bed Rails And Who Shouldn’t Use Them?

As we will see below, although bed rails have a lot of advantages, they also have risks, and thus you should be very careful when deciding whether one needs bed rails or not.

Bed rails are helpful to senior adults, especially those who have trouble getting in and out of bed. However, it may not be a good idea to add bed rails to an adjustable bed or even home beds for an older person who often displays erratic behavior as they can be seriously injured.

Bed rails are also vital for people who are recovering from injuries or post-surgery. They will give you the extra support you need to get in and out of bed and sit down if you are not strong enough to do so without support.

You can also put bed rails on children’s beds as a way of preventing them from rolling over and falling on the ground. However, if the child can climb over the bed rail, you need to consider a higher bed rail.

How To Select A Good Bed Rail

There are various bed rails you can choose from to buy one that fits the bed and is also suitable for the users’ needs. Here are the most common bed rails you can use on adjustable beds, home beds, and hospital beds.

Traditional Bed Rails

These bed rails are simple horizontal crossbars that can be used as handholds; they can be half-length, full-length one-sided, or double-sided depending on the user’s needs. These bed rails are a good choice if your primary concern is to prevent falls.

Pros of Traditional Bed Rails

  • The horizontal crossbars are different levels thugs making it easier to sit up in bed
  • They prevent entrapment because they are at the side of the bed
  • Available in both half and full length

Cons of Traditional Bed Rails

  • They have an institutional look
  • They take up a lot of space

Bed Assist Rail With Adjustable Feet

These bed rails are designed to help users get in and out of their beds safely. They have vertical legs that transfer the users’ weight to the floor when they stand up. The rails come with wide straps which are slipped between the mattress and the box springs, thus stabilizing the rail and keeping it in place.


  • A good choice for people who can walk
  • Easy to install
  • It has multiple stabilizing points


  • Wheelchair users cannot use it
  • It creates an under bed obstacle; thus, you cannot vacuum well

Bed Assist Rail

This is an L-shaped bed rail that doesn’t have legs. The longer side is placed below the mattress or box spring, while the shorter side extends upward and can be used as a handrail. It includes a board and strap for extra stability.


  • Easy to install and uninstall
  • The one that has a board is excellent when you are traveling
  • Some bed assist rail models have an adjustable height handle
  • Some models have a storage pouch where the users can put personal items like glasses for easy access
  • You Can easily adjust most models to suit the users’ needs


  • They are less stable when used with lighter mattresses, and they can tilt forward, thus throwing the user off balance.

Bed Handle

They have a low-profile narrow design, and they are mounted in place at a fixed spot on the bed. So they cannot prevent a patient from rolling over or provide support for patients with limited mobility.


  • They are less conspicuous than other bed rail models
  • They take up less space than other models
  • They are easy to install
  • They are perfect for users who need minimal assistance


  • They cannot support a lot of weight, and they may wiggle if the user is heavy

Bed Steps With Rails

Steps with rails are an excellent choice if the bed is too high. Although they are not mounted on the bed, they come with straps to fasten them and keep them in place.


  • Easily adjustable to fit users
  • It is easy to remove them
  • They reduce strain on hips and knees, thus aiding in fast recovery


  • It is not mounted on the bed
  • It can be a trip hazard, especially in the dark, causing severe injuries

Features To Consider When Selecting A Good Bed Rail

Adjustable bed rails are not bought for decorative purposes, so it is crucial to ensure that you buy one that serves its purpose and meets the needs. Key aspects to look out for when picking a good bed rail:

Features to consider when Selecting A Good Bed Rail

Type of Bed

Although there are many bed rails in the market, not all will work on adjustable beds (this can be one of the problems with split king adjustable beds, for example). Ensure to do your research before buying a bed rail or ask the seller if it can work with an adjustable bed. 


Is the bed rail fixed or height adjustable? This is an important question that you should get an answer to before making a final choice. Adjustable bed rails are the best choice because you can adjust them to fit the older person’s needs or an injured person as their health improves or deteriorates.

The User of the Bed Rail

Before buying a bed rail, you should know whether the user can adjust it on their own or if they need help from a caregiver. If the user is not strong enough and lacks a caregiver who is with them 24/7, then it is better to purchase a simple model that they can operate on their own and when they need to raise or lower the rail height.

Length of the Bed Rail

The bed rail length depends on the user’s mobility and how much they roll in their sleep. If a user is prone to rolling a lot in their sleep, then a full-length bed rail is the best option because it will prevent them from rolling off the bed.

Weight Capacity

A bed rail is essential for providing support and guaranteeing the safety of the user. Therefore it is vital to ensure that the bed rail can support their body weight so that it doesn’t bend or break when using it, leading to severe injuries. If you doubt how much weight a bed rail can support, consult a medical expert before buying a bed rail that will not serve its intended purpose.

Benefits And Risks of Connecting Bed Rails To An Adjustable Bed

Bed rails are very beneficial, especially to elderly people, post-surgery, and small children, as they aid in the recovery process and ensure they don’t roll over in their sleep. They also:

  • Aid in turning and repositioning on the bed
  • Provides a handhold for support when getting on and off a bed
  • Bed rails that have a storage pouch ensure that the user can keep personal care items and adjustable bed controls nearby
  • They provide patients with a feeling of security
  • They are an added safety measure during patient transfer

Sadly bed rails also have risks such as:

  • Injuries when a patient’s body part gets stuck in the rails
  • Severe falls for patients when they climb over the rails
  • Skin bruises and cuts
  • They may make patients feel restricted or isolated

How To Reduce The Risks

The good news is that it is possible to reduce the risks associated with bed rails through simple measures and ensure the user is safe and comfortable. Here are a few ways you prevent various risks associated with bed rails:

  • Users fall off the bed rails when trying to get off the bed for various issues such as thirst, hunger, pain, or to relieve themselves. Anticipate these issues and check on them often to prevent them from trying to get off the bed.
  • Put mats near the bed of users who are at a high risk of falling off the bed.
  • Keep the bed at the lowest position to reduce the severity of injuries if a patient falls off the rails.
  • Use a proper size mattress to ensure that users are not boxed in between the mattress or rail, which can make them feel restricted.

The Two Best Bed Rails In The Market

Buying a bed rail may be challenging as various bed rails in the market serve different purposes depending on the needs of the user. The two-bed rails listed here are excellent because you can use them with any bed frame, and they are long-lasting.

Top Pick

Our top pick is the Stander EZ Adjust bed rail; it is black and made of alloy steel. It can support up to 300 pounds, so you don’t have to worry that it may wobble if the user is on the heavier side. 

Stander EZ Adjust bed rail

Here are the best features about it:

You Can Fold It

You don’t have to worry about the bed rail getting in the way when you are making the bed or when it is not being used. You can fold the EZ- bed rail out of the way until when it will be needed. 


You don’t need to worry about compatibility because the EZ bed rail is compatible with most bed frames, including the best adjustable beds for elderly people. You can also use it with various types and mattress sizes without any issues, so you don’t need to change your mattress or bed frame.


EZ bed rails have a modern design that ensures that it fits in your bedroom decor and style. It also has a washable pocket pouch where users can keep their glasses, medication, or other personal things.

Easy To Assemble

The assembly process is straightforward, and you will not need any additional assembly tools. So you can easily install the EZ bed rail without any help.

High Quality

The EZ bed frames are made to last, so the manufacturers use high-quality materials to make them. With this bed rail, it is a guarantee that you will get value for your money.


As we discussed above, adjustability is vital when buying a bed rail. The EZ bed rail is adjustable as you can adjust the length rail from 26 inches to 42 inches. That way, you can set the length as per the needs of the user.

Second Pick

The second best bed rail in the market is the Flex a Bed Deluxe bed rails for adjustable beds. This bedrail can be used on any wooden bed frame, so it doesn’t matter which bed you have; you can buy it and enjoy the benefits it offers.

Deluxe bed rails are also easy to assemble; thus, you don’t need someone to assemble them for you. What’s more, it raises up or down so you can lower it if it is interfering as you make the bed. Whether you decide to set the deluxe bed rail at the head or foot of the bed is up to you, and it’s designed so that it does not interfere with bed positioning. As a plus, this product qualifies for free shipping, so once you purchase it, it will be delivered to you free of charge.


Adjustable beds offer a lot of benefits to people regardless of their sleeping positions. However, children, older adults, or those recovering from injuries and post-surgery may need a little bit more support to ensure they are safe as they sleep. Bed rails are an excellent way of ensuring that those you love to sleep well without falling or struggling to get in and out of bed.

However, it is vital to ensure that you buy the best rails for adjustable beds to support their weight and give them the support they need to get in/out of bed.  They should also be of good quality so that they serve you for an extended period. Additionally, you should ensure that the bed rails are adjustable to adjust them as the users need changes.

Before taking bed rails home, ensure that they will work with your adjustable bed and mattress perfectly without the need to purchase any straps or fasteners.