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6 Best Knee Pillows Reviewed for 2022

Knee pillows are quite vital when it comes to alleviating hip bone, leg, knee and spine pains. The pains could be as a result of surgery, after delivering a baby, during pregnancy or injury. Therefore, it’s essential to acquire the best knee pillow to avoid having to suffer from such pains. Knee pillows that are shaped matching the natural contour of a sleeper are more effective.

A knee pillow aligns your spine, hip and legs for comfortable and peaceful night sleep. Currently, there is a rise in the demand for knee pillows; consequently causing manufacturers to produce products whose quality may not be superior. We, therefore, made a list of the best knee pillows that you can choose from. Some people use these in combination with a backrest pillow, depending on their requirements.

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Top 6 Best Knee Pillows

ComfiLife Orthopedic Knee Pillow

When it comes to ComfiLife Orthopedic Knee Pillow, it’s the best-selling knee-pillow in the market that comes second to none.  The pillow’s ergonomic design fits comfortably between your knees; hence, offering maximum support and comfort throughout the night. The pillow is made of 100% premium quality durable cut memory foam; it provides long-lasting comfort for its users.

The pillow comes with a breathable zipper cover that prevents the pillow from getting warm. Cleaning of the product is straightforward and its machine washable, and it’s quite stylish also. The pillow’s ergonomic countered design maintains the alignment of the spine, legs and hip, improving circulation. The product comes with customer satisfaction with a 100% money guarantee in case you’re not satisfied.

The Everlasting Comfort 100% Pure Memory Foam Knee Pillow

The Everlasting Comfort 100% Pure Memory Foam Knee Pillow contains pure memory foam. The cushion is particularly soft with no additives; the pillow’s design is curved that keeps the knees at the required spacing. This offers excellent support to your knees and relieves pain.

The pillow is ergonomic, and it’s known to relieve ailments like sciatic nerve pain, arthritis, lower back, hip, bursitis, pelvis, spine and joint pain, including shoulder pain. The pillow can be utilized for different purposes; it can also aid pregnancy. The product is ideal for side sleepers, and it comes with a removable strap, which makes it easy to adjust hook and loop strap that aligns your legs perfectly on rolling over.

The product is lightweight, and it comes with memory foam earplugs that reduce noise for undisturbed night sleep.

Hermell Elevated Leg Rest Pillow

Are you in search for a knee pillow that can offer you relief from pain, then the Hermell Elevated Leg Rest Pillow is what you need? The pillow’s zero-gravity alignment releases tension from your tailbone and coccyx; hence, relieving you from back pain, restless leg syndrome, varicose veins, phlebitis and leg pain. The product’s size is larger compared to the average size of a knee pillow; hence, allowing the pillow to offer more elevation than what you’re used to.

The pillow is a comfortable fit to any sleeper, the pillow doesn’t require any assembling, and it’s easy to clean. The pillow cotton cover can be unzipped and washed normally as it has easy dry-features. The pillow has a perfect density that is it’s not too soft or too firm.

The Hermell foam wedge offers the user an excellent platform for the legs to comfortably rest on, and help lower the swelling of the leg through improving circulation. The product is made of high-grade, durable polyurethane foam. The pillow wedge can alleviate the need for a haphazard pillow stacking. The Hermell Elevated Leg Rest Pillow is assembled in the United States of America.

Cushy Form Back Pain Relief Half-Moon Bolster/Wedge, Memory  Foam Knee Pillow

When it comes to this product by Cushy Form, its design is of organic cotton. The pillow is excellent in elevation of the legs to perfectly place your knees as you sleep. The product helps in better circulation, assisting its user in the various post-surgery recovery therapies.

The pillow makes it possible for the user to lift their feet; hence, reducing varicose veins efficiently. It’s also ideal for your lower back pain and positioning of the ankles. By adding the pillow between your ankles, you’ll be in a position of easing various pains. Hence, offering you a multi-purpose pillow and a comfortable experience.

The product comes with dual-layer, soft memory foam and an organic cotton cover. The cover is breathable and washable; the pillow is ideal for side and back sleepers, and it can be used during pregnancy.  This helps in therapeutic support and ideal for many parts of the body, although a specific back pain pillow may be more appropriate in some cases.

Abco Tech Knee Pillow

The Abco Tech knee Pillow is among the most adored knee pillows in the market. Most therapists recommend this pillow to their patients due to its significant benefits. This pillow is the best knee pillow when it comes to alignment of the spine and reducing of stress.

Naturally, when you sleep in inside positions, it causes misalignment of the spine and unnecessary stress and strain on your lower back, spine, legs and hip. However, this pillow contains a long-lasting solution to the named problems. This product is also made with hypoallergenic materials, with removable and washable covers.

You can, therefore, maintain high levels of hygiene with this pillow by simply removing its cover for a  machine wash or hand washing. The product’s design is of 100% Visco-elastic material that offers durability and a naturally comfortable feel.

Cushy Cloud Orthopedic Memory Foam Knee Pillow

The Cushy Cloud Orthopedic Memory Foam Knee Pillow stands out in its class; its design contains hypoallergenic material that caters to individuals with various types of allergies. With proper utilization of the pillow, it’s capable of relieving knee, hip, ankle and back pains. You’ll need to place the pillow between your thighs or below the knees to relieve pain on a specific area.

This product is the best ergonomic memory foam knee pillow for individuals who are side sleepers, with satisfactory results. The pillow’s cover is removable and machine washable, which makes it easy to clean. When you’re talking about superiority, then this product is what you’re looking for.

The product comes with a contoured design; it conforms to your legs to promote spinal alignment. It also comes with a 100% satisfaction guarantee, and it does not wear out quickly.


Getting the best knee-pillow is vital as a high-quality knee pillow is capable of relieving its users from back pain, joint pain, sciatica and leg pain. The list above has some of the best knee pillows you can opt for. They offer services you require from a knee pillow.