Top 20 Best Japanese Futons in 2021

Are you struggling to get a mattress that is not only affordable but also comfortable and sturdy enough to support your body? Worry no more. A traditional Japanese futon will give you a comfortable and relaxed sleeping experience that you are yearning for.

Futons were initially introduced in the market during World War II and have eventually become a trend that everyone is talking about. This is because People from all the corners of the world have realized how comfortable and practical these mattresses are. Futons provide a reliable sleeping alternative in all seasons and occasions. Additionally, most of them are portable and can fit well even in the areas with a limited storage space.

Top 20 Japanese Futons on the Market

Ready to have your own futon? We have reviewed the best 20 Japanese traditional mattresses to help find the one which suits your specific needs.

EMOOR Compact Sized Japanese Futon Set

Are you looking for a thick futon, not too fluffy yet classy? Worry no more, we have found one for you! The EMOOR compact sized futon is smaller than the average twin mattress, although its comfortability beats most large mattresses. It includes a pillow, and its padding is adequate to make your sleeping relaxing and enjoyable.

You can easily roll it away when you are not using it. Hence it’s easy to transport and store as it fits well in the small closets. Also, it as an excellent firmness that won’t make you feel the surface hardness or the futon adjustments, especially when sleeping with children. It is also versatile, meaning you can use it as padding for your already existing mattress. Either way, both coziness, and comfort will be guaranteed.

We highly recommend this Japanese futon if you travel a lot, or if you have small children. It is also ideal for the patients who have been instructed by the doctors to spend most of their time resting. To clean it, remove the outer cover and was it using a machine and then tumble dry. You can also soft clean it.

J-LIFE Japanese Traditional Shiki Futon

Durability and quality are some of the main factors you consider when purchasing any product, right? The J-Life Japanese traditional futon guarantees you a quick futon hunting since it contains all the qualities you could ever need. It is made of four inches of pure cotton which not only make the futon comfortable but also sturdy to support your body.

Despite its thick materials, you can easily fold up and store this futon when you are not using it. You can use it as a mattress, a footrest or even as a backrest when watching your favorite TV program or reading a novel. Transportability is also easy when using this futon. The mattress comes in different colors and sizes hence providing an extensive array of choices for you to select what to match your specific needs.

This is the best futon for you if you intend to embrace the traditional Japanese lifestyle through the use of futons. It is hypoallergenic, stain resistant and does not fade even after washing for several times. Above all, it’s affordable and comes with a ten years warranty.

EMOOR Japanese Traditional Futon Mattress With IGUSA

This is one of the best Japanese traditional futons that you can get. EMOOR is not only perfect to everyone for its comfortability but also due to its affordability. This futon is made of 100% cotton which is designed explicitly for comfortability to all users. It also includes a standard IGUSA Tatami mattress for the ultimate sleeping experience.

EMOOR Japanese futon is made of antibacterial materials which make it ideal even for small children. It is also durable enough to stay for more than a decade without wear and tear especially when you take proper care of it. Packing, storage, and even transport are effortless with this futon as it is light and compatible.

The included Tatami mattress is made of rush grass, which is valued in the Japanese traditional culture. The rush grass adds to the appearance of the futon; hence you can keep it in your living room or any other open place. The outer cover comes in various colors; your futon will match your interior colors. What more can you ask for? This futon will beckon you to have a comfortable nap!

Oriental Furniture Folding soft Tatami Mattress

Large and fluffy mattresses are excellent, although not everybody likes them. Some people prefer to have the thin but comfortable mattresses which they will be able to carry around with ease. If you are looking for such a futon, then the Oriental furniture Tatami mattress is the ideal option. The futon exhibits the modern style as well as simplicity, and it’s undoubtedly one of the best foldable mattresses today!

It features a unique rush grass mat which is covered with an ultra soft material for comfortability. Although most mattresses are made of the extra padding which contributes the total weight, this futon is made with light memory foam materials which make it easy to pack and store.

Oriental furniture folding Tatami futon is perfect for all those with back aches, including the pregnant women and the aged. It provides a sturdy support which slowly massages their back or any other paining areas to relax all the affected muscles. You can either soft clean it using a wet cloth or remove the outer cover when it gets filthy. This futon will not only provide comfortable support but also add to the décor of your house. It includes a matching pillow

Teijin Acfit® Japanese Traditional Shiki Futon

Sleep and wake up like a kid on the high-quality Teijin Acfit® Japanese Traditional Shiki Futon. It contains the fluffy and soft attributes which we all look for when looking for the best mattresses. This lovely day product is made up of three full layers of both cotton and polyester which provide additional comfort and volume. The three layers contribute to the durability of the materials, and can therefore stay for more than twenty years in the same good condition without wear and tear.

This futon is also among the few mattresses which undergo both anti tick and antibacterial processing to provide a safe and healthy environment for you when sleeping. We recommend this mattress if you have back or neck problems, this is because the outer cover is made with a superb material which swiftly, massages your back, muscles, and joints to get rid of all the pains. You can also rely on it when you are tired.

To amp up the soft and fluffy materials used in making it, you can pass the futon on the dryer, and your futon will be softer than before! Praised to be the leading futons in the market regarding fluffiness, you will not revert buying this traditional Japanese futon!

Brand New Queen Size Traditional Japanese Floor Futon Mattress

The D&D Futon furniture has once again brought a good quality futon with all the qualities that make an ideal mattress. This futon is comfortable, classic, and most importantly, it is compatible. It features that beautiful traditional design as well as the best materials made with modern technology. The materials include hygroscopic cotton on the outer cover which helps to absorb moisture so that it can maintain its freshness all alone.

While still maintaining it’s soft but firm qualities which make it comfortable, this futon is affordable and is praised as one of the most beneficial futons you can get in the market today. It is compatible and includes two holding strings which you can either use when moving it from one place to another or use them to tie the mattress when not in use.

You can use this three inched thick mattresses for other purposes other than sleeping. For instance, you can use it to on your summer day picnic, or use it a kid’s playground mat. The outer cover is removable and machine washable.

Single size Tatami Floor Mat-Japanese Bed

Are you pretty set to have a Japanese futon with an American origin? The single size Tatami floor mattress will fit your requirements! Although it is made by the mansion furniture, this futon represents the Japanese traditional futon, which also combines the modern American fundamentals.

This is a dark futon which is made from light polyester materials which make it easy to move it from one place to another. Unlike most futons which are stored by folding into three or four sections, this futon is stored by rolling, then using the mattress ties to prevent it from unfolding. It resembles the ordinary American bag whose outer material is made of 100% polyester, but the inner parts are made using pure cotton to fill your comfort needs! It is durable and is also ideal for many uses.

It comes in different sizes but in only gray color which is neutral to match with different colors of your house. We recommend this futon if you have a small storage space since it doesn’t occupy an ample space. It is one of the few Japanese inspired and American made futons, with a pretty excellent addition on your household that you can’t afford to miss!

EMOOR 100% Cotton Fitted Set For Futon Mattress – Crown Prince

Futons have many benefits, but one of their downsides is that they need to be covered well or wised regularly to keep off the dust and other dirt particles. Well, EMOOR had this knowledge in mind when making this futon and that’s why they attached a fitted sheet on it so that you won’t incur additional expenses of buying an extra sheet. The sheet is made of 100% cotton and is also soft enough, and easy to clean.

Additionally, this futon comes with a large pillow of the same material and color so that it does not only look nice but also as a soft touch. It is slim and light and is therefore easy to carry and to store. It is also hypoallergenic, hence has the ability to keep off dust, termites and other bacteria which may cause a threat to your health.

The futon is breathable; hence it does not keep odors. It is machine washable and does not stay for an extended period to dry. EMOOR is one of the dedicated mattresses which never go wrong when it comes to making in beddings! Buy this mattress, and you will undoubtedly enjoy the comfort of sleeping.

Colorful Light Gray Futon Tatami mat Japanese Futon Mattress

Looking for a comfortable, luxurious and beautiful futon that you can use for an extended period without wear and tear? Well, this futon has the same appeal! Produced by the colorful mat, this futon is one of the best floor mattresses in the market today. The outer cover is made of pure polyester while the inner part is made of 100% microfiber. These two materials provide the quality fluff which we all wish to have in a mattress.

The futons come in multiple colors including pink which has a soothing and appealing appearance to add to your décor. The cushioning style is also designed to provide the best type of sleep while still providing maximum back support. This futon is designed explicitly for those with lumbar problems; spinal disorders all other back problems. The materials are also firm to protect you from the hard surface when you place it on the floor.

The mattress is well designed for equal weight distribution. It can also be used by all people, and on all seasons. Try this comfortable futon and say goodbye to insomnia, as well as back pains.

J-Life 4 Inch Japanese Traditional Shiki Futon-Full Size

This is another comfortable and cheap futon which you can always rely on for a relaxed nap. It as a weight of thirty pounds which make it quite heavy, hence it’s mostly used for indoor purposes. It is specifically designed for a permanent sleeping arrangement.

The J-life futon is made of natural and traditional materials. Hence there is no memory foam, innerspring or wool which occasionally breaks with time. You don’t need any additional padding when using this mattress since its firm enough on its own to provide maximum back support. You can use it for your classes and exercises. It is also helpful to the patients who have been instructed to have bed rests for sometimes since the futon supports the whole body including the joints and muscles well.

You can either order for This Sikifuton with its outer cover, or decide to purchase your cover. The removable cover features a Japanese themed pattern which makes it have an authentic decorating touch. All dust mites will reside if you buy this sturdy, double zippered and dust resistant futon. Although the mattress does not get dirty quickly, you can always use a soft cloth to wipe it clean, or remove the outer cover and clean it separately.

Black Foldable Rolling Bed Japanese Floor Mattress

This Japanese traditional futon is made of 100% polyester material which makes it soft, yet sturdy enough to support different weights. It has a thickness of 3 inches and a light weight which makes it easy to carry from one place to another.

You can use the mattress for various purposes including picnics, taking a rest, children playing, massage, exercise or even yoga lessons. You can also place it in multiple places including in the living room, studio, patio, bedroom, massage studios, patio, mobile houses, dormitory and many more. You can also keep it in your car when you are traveling.

The futon features two adjustable handles which you can either use them as carrying handles when transporting it or use them to wrap the mattress once you are done with its usage. The outer cover is hypoallergenic meaning tan you will not have to worry about dust and other pollens invading your bed. Although it doesn’t get dirty quickly, you can occasionally clean it with cold water and dry it on low heat.

FULI Japanese Traditional Shiki Futon

This is the best option for you if comfort is the primary reason as to why you are looking for a traditional Japanese futon. The outer fabric is made of 100% soft pure cotton. The inner part is made of a polyester material which is fluffy but firm enough to hold you against the surfaces. Additionally, it doesn’t lose its shape even after an extended period of usage since the materials stuffed inside are designed to maintain its firmness.

The futon is stuffed with antibacterial, anti ticked and deodorized materials which can stay for up to three years without disinfecting again. It is light, and thus you can either use it in your house or keep it outside for the children to use it as a playing mat. It doesn’t get dirt quickly, but if it does, you can remove the zippered outer cover and be using a machine.

Tatami Floor Mat- Japanese Bed

Whether your friends have visited your or when you are just relaxing in your house playing your favorite videos, this comfortable roll Japanese bed will be ideal to serve the purpose. It is contemporary designed with a unique and classic design which adds to the styles appearance of your living room.  Additionally, it is stacked with quality polyester and enclosed in a soft pure cotton cover which makes it soft. It is one of the most comfortable futons you can get in the market today.

Despite its good quality polyester materials, Tatami mat floor mattress is not heavy and thus easy to carry around. It comes with two adjustable ties which you can use when you want to keep it, and save space. The outer cover is zippered to make it easy to remove when you want to was or replaces it. It is also machine washable. With a width of 54 inches, this futon can accommodate up to three adults.

Tatami Floor Mat-54W× 80L×3H inches Floor Mattress

This is probably one of the commonly used traditional Japanese mattresses. It is made of a durable polyester fabric which keeps the futon airy and thus maintains its temperature. The inner parts are stuffed with a 100% cotton material which helps it to keep its sturdiness and firmness for a line time without stain. The cotton also helps to prevent the user from the surface as well as the bed adjustments especially if it placed on a weak frame.

You can use this futon for multiple purposes including for yoga exercises. It is also ideal for people with back problems, since the surface is fluffy but firm enough to entry massage your back when sleeping. It is also hypoallergenic, hence and safety is guaranteed when using it. About its portability, you can quickly move it from one room to another since it’s not heavy. It also comes with an adjustable tie which you can use as a carry handle when transporting it.

You may have had a frustrating time in the past when looking for a reliable futon, but this futon will do you proud. Get yourself or your loved ones this futon and say goodbye to all back pains and insomnia as well.

D&D Futon Traditional Furniture Japanese Floor Futon

Looking for the best memory foam foundation mattress to use as a yoga or exercise mat? Consider the D$D Japanese traditional futon. It is made of a polyester fiber, white cotton and a layer of memory foam. These layers make it firm and fluffy to offer the user the expected comfortability while still supporting all body muscles. With a thickness of 3 inches, it can support different body weights for an extended time without losing its original shape. Generally, it’s perfect for emergency sleeping on the floor, body exercises or the sort time resting since its quite tin.

The black polyester outer cover is not removable, and thus you can clean the stains with a soft cloth and cold water. It has two fixed straps which are used to tie the mattress when not in use, and this increases the convenience of storing it since it can fit in small areas. It doesn’t keep bad odors even when held in a poorly ventilated room since it’s well ventilated and breathable. It also meets all frame retardant standards. Who wouldn’t want to get a portable and versatile futon at a pocket-friendly price? Get this mattress today and make your stay at home moments enjoyable and memorable.

Magshion BK27 Tatami Floor Mat Japanese Rolling Thai Mattress

Magshion never goes wrong when it comes to making super quality sleeping solutions. The BK27 is a quality futon made with a combination of pure cotton, polyester, and long-lasting memory foam. The base is non-slip hence it does not move even when you place it in a slippery round such as tiles. The outer cover is made of pure cotton. It is sturdy and soft enough to massage your back swiftly when you use it, especially after a busy tiresome day. More to that, it is easy to roll and store; it can fit well under your bed or closets when you are not using it.

This cost friendly Japanese futon can be used by almost everybody; from the young to the aged. It is hypoallergenic and thus doesn’t tolerate the survival of dust termites and other health-threatening pollens. It’s also breathable; hence you don t have to be worried about your futon accumulating excess moisture and releasing bad odors.

What’s more, it comes in many colors and sizes, and so you can select the one that perfectly matches your beautiful house appearance. This futon is also a reliable option when on for camps, sleepovers or business trips.

Mozaic Twin Size Ten Inch Futon Mattress

This pure cotton futon comes in many colors, and so you can use the one that matches with your home decorate bedding is exceptionally soft, making it one of the ideal resting areas for your visitors at home. Its fabric is tufted with lace which makes it to have a sofa like an appearance. This comfortable design can be used as a bed and a couch at the same time since it can fold in the two forms.

Mozaic futon mattress is made with foam which is wrapped and mixed with white cotton blend. It is then enclosed in a durable soft pure cotton cover which gives it a clean finished look. The cover is soft and fluffy; nice it’s gentle on the user’s body. It is not removable, but you can clean it with a soft cloth when it gets dirty. It is also strong enough hence it does not yet wear out quickly.

Mozaic futon is versatile and is suitable for both platform bed frames and futon frames. It is ideal for small studios, apartments, dorms or any other areas which have limited storage space. Its light and so transporting it is not an issue.

Rollin Bed DDFR33080 Traditional Japanese Floor Futon-Foldable

Made with the best polyester fiber, everyone who lays and relaxes on this futon after a long day will truly appreciate the comfort of this mattress. With three inches of sheer pleasure, this futon is ideal for afternoon naps, massage sessions, sweet sleep and even relaxing hours especially when chatting over the phone or watching your favorite programs. This premium floor futon is also ideal for relaxing muscles and joints with the assurance of wellness, energy, and mobility as you repose on its foam.

Nothing beats the beautiful appearance of this futon! It as a fabulous look which matches well with your home, hence you can comfortably place it in your living room or guest room when you have visitors. It is easy to carry due to its light weight and clip locks which help you to move it from one place to another. Additionally, it comes with a travel bag which you can use when on a trip!

This futon deserves to be one of your favorite choices due to the excellent performance which it brings on the table, armed up with the money worth. It is long lasting, skin friendly, and is also hypoallergic to protect your kids and loved ones from bacteria and other microscopic particles which may harm them.

EMOOR Japanese Traditional Futon Mattress ‘Classe.’

Another gorgeous futon is here to ensure that you get a comfortable rest and sleep. It features a removable cover with remarkable design, as well as beautiful stitching which adds to the beauty of your home. It is an ideal sturdy, a mattress which genuinely captivates the eye of all people who sees it; you need this sleeping companion if you get insomnia or stay for extended periods without sleeping. It is also ideal for stressed people, the sick as well those who need to relax after a busy day. The futon provides a playing solution to the small kids since they can jump on it without falling or getting hurt.

You can rely on this futon on all seasons, and in all areas. It’s light and portable, and so you can always move it to be you want to stay. Additionally, you can use it as a bed or roll it into two and use it as a backrest. It is hypoallergic, and hence it’s suitable for all skin types. The cover is not removable, but you can clean it with cold water and a soft clot whenever it gets dirty.

Rollin Bed JFM – 3 x 60 x 80 Black 60 Inch Queen Size Futon

This spectacular offering is capable of providing multiple functions to the user depending on their varying preferences and lifestyle. This means that the users can use the futon to get a good night sleep, use it as action during hobby practices, for afternoon naps or even as an ideal spot when relaxing your loved ones. It contains a tinier weight, and it’s therefore easy to carry around compared to the other futons.

This futon offers a complete package of convenience, durability, performance and even function. The material and foam composition are also made in line with the required standards hence making it a soft, safe spot which can accommodate everyone including the small babies. You can never trade the comfortability this beauty provides with anytime. Sleeping will be an irresistible tease whenever you come across it in your house.

It is convenient to carry around, and it’s also easy to use and maintain, the outer cover is stain resistant and does not fade even after was in for several times. What else can you ask for? Buy this ideal investment and avoid those strenuous and tedious sleeping experiences forever.

Key Factors To Consider When Choosing A Japanese Futon Mattress

Below are the key elements that you look out for when selecting a futon mattress to ensure that you only pick which fits your specific requirements

  • Thickness

The type of futon alongside its particular structure is one of the things that determine the width of the futon mattress. The right thickness therefore merely depends on your specific needs. While a sleek and tick futon is aesthetically ideal, you can also choose to select the thicker options if your bed or sofa is made of hard materials like metal or wood. Also, the thickness must combine well with the structure to ensure that you get a relaxed and comfortable sleeping solution. For instance, if the futon as a thickness of 10 inches, it goes without doubts that it will be more comfortable than a futon with a width of 2 inches.

Another thing that you should look out for when determining the thickness is the weight of the user. If the load is more, then the thicker futon would be recommendable.

  • Material

The material used in making the futon plays a significant role in determining how long it will last. If you only need a futon that will be used by your guests, then you can consider buying the less expensive futon materials such as the ones filled with cotton. On the contrast, if your main aim of purchasing the futon is to seek for a comfortable sleeping experience, then you should o for the high quality, coil foiled options.

Always consult the seller to advise you on the best material which can fit you well especially if you have a medical problem. The wrong choice can cause severe issues and injuries.

  • Comfort

It is undoubtedly apparent that comfort is among the key features that we all look out for when buying a mattress. However, you should remember that comfort is not entirely about getting the best sleep, but also maintain the right posture, especially when sitting down or lying on your back. Since futons are not the same as the real bed mattresses, they are supposed to provide comfort even when used as sofas. The design and the material used in the futon will ultimately decide the level of satisfaction that the futon can provide.

  • Size

In most cases, the size of the futon is determined by the frames size. Nothing specific, always make sure that you carry the right measurements of your bed or space where you will place the futon. This will save you the disappointment of buying a futon when does not fit in the frame.

  • Folds

How do you wish to store your futon? You can either fold or roll them when storing. If you opt for the foldable futons, be sure to select the folds which will fit well on your frame or storage space. Also, look at the instructions given manufacturer on the futon.

  • Cover

Selecting a mattress which comes with a sturdy and durable cover will ensure that the futon stays for an extended period. Also, the cover is the only part of the futon which comes into contact with your skin when sleeping, and you should, therefore, make sure that you are not allergic to the materials used in making it.

Why Should You Buy A Japanese Futon Mattress?

The best futon can be beneficial to you in many ways. Imagine how your room could look like if you could fold your bed and store it in the cupboard? You would get a lot of space which was previously occupied by the bed, and that’s the case with futons. They are beneficial in the following aspects:

  • Storage

One of the main advantages of futons is their space saving aspect. Futons are the best sleeping options you can opt out for if you are looking out for a portable sleeping solution. Unlike the airbeds, futons can be folded or rolled to fit in the smallest storage areas.

  • Versatility

Futons are used for multiple purposes; as they can be used in the bed or on sofas. Unlike the sleeper sofas which are ugly, uncomfortable and bulky, futons are much light and can be used for both indoor and outdoor services. They are also perfect solutions went you have guests. You only need to unfold them then place them on the surface.

  • Health

Experts and medical practitioner argue that futons mattresses have health benefits, especially when kept on the floor. They are recommended to people with spinal, back, muscle and joint problem due to their ability to provide a relaxing and soothing effect. They are also used for yoga lessons.

  • Appearance

As compared to the traditional mattresses, it is effortless to personalize a futon. For instance, the slipcovers are an ideal trick that you can use to cane the appearance of the futon thoroughly. You only need to unzip the futon ten replace it with another one.

  • Affordability

If you need to have a quality bedding alternative, try futon. They come at a reduced price than that of the ordinary expenses, and yet they provide the best sleeping experience.

Futons are useful part of beddings that we cannot neglect especially when we have various back health problems. However, to get the best from the market, one has to carry out enough comparison. Proper care and maintenance is also required so that they can stay for an extended period.