Top 20 Best Floor Mattresses in 2022

Worried about how you will accommodate your visitors? Or perhaps wondering about what you will lounge on your next trip? Maybe the idea of installing a mat for your kids to play on has also been nagging at your head. Well, you will not have to worry about all these issues if you buy a floor mattress.

We all want to have pleasant experiences in our homes, whether reading our favorite novels, watching movie series or even sleeping after a busy day. We also want our guests to stay comfortably irrespective of the size or our guest rooms; and thus we need floor mattresses to fill in the gap.

Floor mattresses come in different price tags, sizes, shapes, materials, and even weight where some are relatively heavier than others. To help you make an informed decision in your next shopping, we have reviewed the best 20-floor mattresses together with their features and uses. Go through each one of them to find the one which meets your specific needs.

Mattress Comparison Table

Top 20 Floor Mattresses

Here is a review of the top floor mattresses on the market today.

BioPEDIC Classic 233-Thread Count Fiber bed Twin Mattress

Designed with an immaculate white coat and an heavenly grid soft memory foam, BioPEDIC Classic 233 is a stunning mattress which does not occupy much space. Its shape and features are quite similar to that of fumet comforters, although it is better than that. It is a bed which you can place it anywhere you wish and lay on it.

It has cute square patterns which do not only show how fluffy it is but also adds to its gorgeous look. The foam technology used in this floor mattress is made of a well compacted, intricate and firm fiber bed with a 233 thread count. The 100% cotton outer cover brings an irritable feeling which relaxes your body, especially if you are tired or have backaches. This wonder is one of the products every family should have!

Tatami Floor Mat – Japanese Bed

The Japanese never go wrong when it comes to creating lavish products for comfortable living styles. Tatami floor mat is a portable and compact single sized mattress which can be used for various purposes including sleeping. You can keep it for kids to play on or even carry off for camps.

It features convenient carry ties which make it easy to wrap and carry the mattress when not in use. Moreover, it’s made of 100% cotton and two separate memory foam layers which add up to the comfortability and firmness of the mattress. The mattress holds the body in a straight position without experiencing the floor hardness.

Leewadee Roll Up Thai Mattress

This is a perfect alternative to the conventional machine stitched mattresses. It is a handmade mattress made using high-quality materials which make it versatile and breathable. The mattress is also stuffed with natural Kapok fabric extracted from the kapok trees. It is an excellent amalgamation of the robust traditional mattresses which can be used for multiple purposes apart from sleeping.

The fact that it’s made from natural tree ingredients doesn’t limit its uses. It is the best floor mattress for massages and yoga. It is also recommended to pregnant women with backache problems. This Thai mattress is double stitched hence it’s stable and durable. You can either wash or spot clean it.

EMOOR Japanese Traditional Futon Mattress ‘Classe.’

EMOOR Company does not compromise with the authenticity and quality. This traditional floor mattress is airy and lightweight hence very easy to relocate it. The futon is not thick but it’s dense enough to hold the body weight comfortably. Also, the stuffing is antibacterial thus there are very few chances of having dust mites or molds formation.

The outer cover is made of hygroscopic cotton which absorbs the humidity in the floor and the surrounding. The extra moisture evaporates automatically when the humidity of the mattress fabric increases to maintain its equilibrium. This mattress is the best the aged and those with allergies.

EMOOR 100% Cotton Cover Full For Japanese Floor Futon

A sturdy futon cover will ensure that your futon has does not get dirty quickly, and also ensure that it stays for a more extended period. The Emoor 100% cotton mattress is filled with the traditional Japanese futon which prolongs its life and also ensures that you experience a relaxed and comfortable nap.

It is lightweight, odor resistant, stain resistant and hypoallergenic. The futon has a removable outer cover which you can remove with the help of a zipper when you want to clean it. Above all, the futon is made futon is made with the best dying which prevents the color from fading after washing, and also ensures that the threads so not loosen or fall off.

Millard Tri-Folding Mattress

Why go through strenuous and rough temporary sleep accommodations when you can merely get the Milliard Tri-Folding mattress and get the comfort you deserve after a busy day? Unlike the other beds, this mattress requires less effort to set up and also to store it. It comes with a fluffy and removable soft cover which you can only throw to the washing machine when it becomes dirty.

Moreover, it has anti-slipping properties meaning that it stays firm and grounded even when children play on it. Getting a high-quality foam mattress means that you will have a fantastic sleeping experience. It is made of high-density foam hence it doesn’t lose shape quickly. Additionally, it has orthopedic properties.

Tatami Floor Mat-54W× 80L×3H inches Floor Mattress

One of the reasons why we love Japanese mattresses is their excellent quality mattresses. They are lightweight, unique and easy to fold. Tatami floor mat is made of polyester fabric which keeps it airy while still maintaining its temperature. The inner mattress body is stuffed with pure cotton which provides eras support, and also maintains an upright position to the user.

You can spot clean the mattress to remove any stains especially if you have kids. This means that you don’t have to wet the entire mattress and wait for a whole day for it to dry. You can easily store the Tatami mattress when you are not using it as it features two strong holding ties.

Better Habitat Sleep Ready Floor Sleeping Mattress

Better habitat is undoubtedly one of the trusted sleep and resting essential brands due to its high-quality products. This mattress is made from a high-quality memory firm which massages your back swiftly after a busy day at work. With a weight of only 18.8 pounds and the help of an adjustable carry handle, it’s easy to relocate it.

This excellent rollway bed comes just in twin size hence its suitable for guests, camping, overnight stays or college dorms. You can either spot clean it, or wash remove the outer cover and wash it with the machine. Better habitat is an ideal solution to sleepless nights as well as tiredness due to the extreme comfort it provides.

Simmons BeautySleep Siesta 3-inch Memory Foam

The Simmons beauty sleep mattress is a versatile and portable roll up bed which offers a comfortable lounging solution and sleeping space even in places with limited storage spaces. It is made with 3-inch plush foam, which is made of both comfort foam and memory foam. It is ideal for playrooms, camping zones, dorm rooms, guest beds, and even mattress toppers.

It conveniently rolls up to 12 inches in diameter, thus makes it possible to include it in small bags or compact storages. The outer cover is removable, machine washable and does not fade.

Comfort and Relax 5 Inch Floor Mattress

Just as the name suggests, this adorable mattress works best for daybeds, bunk beds and trundle beds to provide a conforming relaxation with high-quality foam which molds to your body shape. The foam base layer is firm but soft enough to improve several health problems including cervical pain, neck pain, back pain, cranial neuralgia, and loss of concentration, insomnia, snoring and stroke among others.

Concerning the safety, Comfort and relax is certified meaning that it has been tested and approved for physical performance, safety, and environmental stewardship. It is naturally resistant and microbial to allergens like dust mites and allergens. You can sleep in any position when using the mattress, provided that you lie against the part which pains.

Spiceberry Home Korean Style

This is a hand quitted and traditionally designed Korean mattress well known for its high quality, convenient and comfortable. It is stuffed with 100% cotton materials which make it firm and soft, to be used by everyone including the ages and the kids. The base is made of a nonslip material which keeps it sturdy even when placed on glazed tiles or grounds.

Short of enough floor space? You can food this mattress like a thick blanket and keep it under your bed, making it perfect for the minimalist décor fans. It will also be an ideal option if you get unexpected guests. The small quilted sage squares, blue flora; patterns and cream burgundy add support and softness, making it a suitable bench pad or sofa. You can either spot clean it, or wash it entirely and dry in low heat.

D&D Futon Traditional Furniture Japanese Floor Futon

This mattress is excellent for the people who relocate a lot since its compact, lightweight and easy to carry. It also has two adjustable straps which you can use to carry or to fold it when you want to store it. Moreover, you can rely on it when for massage and yoga other than sleeping alone.

D&D Futon mattresses are made of three memory foam layers which correctly maintain the mattress position and hold your body supportively when you lie on it. The combination also makes it fluffy and soft such that you don’t feel the floors extreme hardness. Keeping many full-size beds is never an ideal option if you have limited storage. However, having a bunch of these compact and portable mattresses will save you accommodation struggles.

Best Price Mattress Tri-Fold Memory Foam Floor Mattress

Best price floor mattress comes with an anti-slip base which keeps the mattress firm for a long time. Moreover, it is ideal for outdoor uses due to lightness and portability. It is designed with two memory foam layers; 2.5 inches of super high-quality foam and 1.5 of memory foam. When used for sleeping, you will notice that it comfortably contours to the body pressure without dipping it.

You can also fold it and use it as a back pillow when reading or watching TV’s you neat as you are, floor mattresses are prone to getting dirty and dust, and that’s why the manufacturers of these mattresses enclose the mattress on a removable soft cover. The Jacquard cover is sturdy enough hence it does not quickly wear out.

Olee Sleep Tri-Folding Memory Foam

One of the gorgeous creations to equip and decorate your house is by having an elegant, flawless and beautiful mattress like Olee Sleep Memory Foam mattress. It features a four-inch full thickness of softness which keeps your body relaxed whenever you use it. It also comes in beautiful blue and gray colors which add to the décor of your house, even when you place it in the sitting room.

This mattress is recommended to people suffering from insomnia, stress and other sleeping disorders. With the fantastic comfort it brings, it is an idea for all ages, including the young toddlers. You can buy count on this bed on all seasons, given considering that is light and portable.

Trifold Foam Folding Mattress – Portable Spare Bed And Kids Mat

This is a brilliant cozzie’s creation with a crisp, sleek and elegant back finish. You can fold it up to three times hence you can place it on the floor and use it as a bed or chair. It is made with a foam technology which allows therapeutic benefits and also relives all joint and muscle pains. You can never trade the comfort of this floor mattress with any other and thus buying it will be more of an investment in your home.

It is designed with a zipper cover which makes it easy to cleaning, thus preventing the accumulation and dirt and other dust particles. With its carefully designed structure as well as the sturdy material used, you are guaranteed a durable and long lasting mattress to keep you fully relaxed for the next decade.

MaGshion Futon Trifold Memory Foam Mattress

This mattress outshines the rest with it comes to slipping on the ground. It has a tremendous anti-slip base which prevents even the slightest movements from disturbing your sleep. Moreover, its portability makes it ideal for outdoor purposes or even at home especially when you have guests around.

It features two great layers of made of two high-quality memory foams which act as a cushion to protect you from the roughness of the ground. It can stay for more than twenty years in a compact status especially when you maintain it well.

Lucid 8 Inch Convertible Foam Sofa and Foldable Play Mattress

You need this mattress if you suffer from neck and lower back pains. The Lucid foam mattress offers the best comfort for guests and friends, with an 8-inch thickness of high-density memory foam. You can use it as a perfect replacement for trundle beds or futon.

Lucid mattress can also be folded into an extra seating floor sofa on a movie night. It is made of a durable polyester fabric which resists wrinkles and well as dirt. Its beautiful look makes it ideal to be used as a stylish addition to a family room, dorm room or a studio. To clean it, wipe it with a soft cloth.

Butterfly Craze Kids Floor Pillow

Simple, cute, comfy and fun! Butterfly craze floor mattress is perfect when traveling, visiting grandparents, vacation or even camping. It is easy to maneuver and takes less time to inflate it. It is made up of a solid but fluffy memory firm which provides maximum support and warmth. Moreover, it is hypoallergenic hence it does not attract dust and other pollens.

You should get your children this “little heaven” to support and provide a safe playing ground for your kids. It is versatile and can fold up to form a chair, or a backrest pillow when reading your favorite book or watching a TV. No more bean bag chairs and your kids will enjoy warming up in this whimsical lounger!

Broyhill Roll and Store Memory Foam Mattress

Looking for a comfortable and portable lounging solution? Worry no more. The Broyhill roll and store comes in handy with all the best features anyone would ask for. The twin size mattress is made of thick plush GelLux cooling foam which combines comfort foam and high-density memory foam. You can use it for sleep over’s, camping, dining room, as a guest bed, or even as a mattress topper.

It conveniently rolls up to 12-inch diameter making it easy to move it from one place to another and also to store it. Moreover, it comes with a carrying bag and adjustable handles which makes transportation much more manageable. You can either spot clean or use the washing machine.

Zinus Sleep Master Tri-Fold Memory Foam Bed

Zinus sleep master Tri-Fold Bed is a comfortable and flexible floor mattress which provides all-round pressure relief to give you are a peaceful sleep. It is designed with 1-inch high-density memory foam which counters your body evenly for maximum support. It also features a 2 inches additional layer of responsive viscoatex foam which localizes bed movements, especially when two or more people are using the mattress.

It has a weight of 15.7 pounds which makes it easy to carry around without taking a toll on your muscles. Additionally, it’s large thus can accommodate up to four children. You can use for multiple purposes including as a footstool when you fold it.

Why Should You Invest In A Floor Mattress?

Floor mattresses are affordable alternatives to purchasing the entire bed which one may not be financially capable of buying.

  • You can use the floor mattress for multiple reasons. For instance, you can carry it on camping trips, hikes or RV trips. Their compact and portable design increases the convenience of moving them from one place to another.
  • Floor mattresses consume less space. Most of them are small in size and can be folded or rolled to fit a limited storage area. Also, some of them come with a packaging cover.
  • Floor mattresses are the best for small kids since they provide a safe playing arena where they can jump on without falling off from a higher ground and getting hurt. They are also the best to the aged who don’t have the energy to climb an ordinary bed.

Types Of Floor Mattresses

There are many types of floor mattresses in the market today, with each having unique features. However, they can all be classified into two main categories; the folding floor mattresses and the rolling floor mattresses.

Folding Floor Mattresses

We occasionally use the foldable mattresses in our homes since they are considered more comfortable. They can fold up to four times to make a chair, bed or even a foot rest. Their distinguishing features include:

  • Memory foam
  • Lightweight
  • Budget-friendly
  • Portable
  • Removable covers
  • Nonslip bottoms

Rolling Floor Mattresses

You can roll these mattresses and keep them under the bed or any other place when they are not in use. Unlike the foldable mattresses; you cannot use them as a seat since they tend to be incredibly soft. The main types include the Thai rolling mattresses, the Futons, and the Japanese Tanami.

With the above-discussed options and much more in the market, you can quickly get confused on whether to go for the foldable or rollable mattresses. To avoid that, always make sure you give the seller a description of what you need.