7 Best Bunkie Boards (Queen, King)

Getting the right sleep setup is more important than purchasing the right mattress. Why? Several bed accessories interact with your mattress to provide you with a better sleep experience. One of these mattress accessories is Bunkie boards. They work synergistically with your bed needing extra support or a solid surface to help optimize their properties.

Bunkie boards are designed to help promote healthier sleep and provide the much-needed support. This accessory is placed beneath the bed to offer more support to your foam mattresses particularly.

However, shopping for a Bunkie board is often challenging, as you might not be conversant about these products and scared of ending up with the wrong product. For this reason, we have done in-depth research and come up with the best Bunkie board that fits your needs.

Bunkie Board Comparison Table

Top 7 Best Bunkie Board

So, without much further ado, below is a comprehensive list of the best bunkie board featuring their strength and weakness.

Zinus Easy Assembly Quick Lock Bunkie Board

Zinus is one of the top brands known to produce several great bedding accessories. The product helps eliminate weak and creaky foundation. It has a sturdy steel frame and ideal for use as a foundation to your daybed or bed. It incredible technology makes the product highly compatible with any type of mattress you have. Zinus Bunkie board helps optimize any cushion placed under irrespective of the mattress type – latex, innerspring or memory foam.

This product is designed using a premium quality material to help extend the durability of your mattress and its performance. With its slip-proof tap is attached to the steel frame which keeps your mattress from wobbling, creaking or sliding at night. This padding to the slats prevents it from making noise.

This product is highly stable providing you with the appropriate posture support during sleep. Zinus Bunkie board is available in several sizes and whatever size you get; it is easy to maneuver in tight space in time.


  • Easy to maneuver in tight space like hallways, tight corners, and stairways
  • Ideal for any kind of bed and foundation
  • Simple and easy assembling thanks to its Quick lock system
  • Support your bed’s lifespan
  • Durable, comfortable and affordable


  • Does not include crossbars
  • Some customer who purchases the queen size shares their concerns about the discomfort experienced.

Signature Sleep Ultra Steel Bunkie Board

This product from Signature Sleep is ideal for people who already have a foundation for their daybed or bed with supporting slat system. The manufacturer is well known for producing bedding accessories that are consumer friendly. The Bunkie board works great for any sort of mattresses or foundation, as it comes with steel metal frame. This item makes it easy to get the long-awaited upgrade, it doesn’t require any specific bed type and works best with any mattress type: innerspring, memory foam and latex.

The product is made with steel shaped with metal frame and a metal mesh network in the middle, which is responsible for the extra support experienced. One remarkable feature about this item is it easy assembling. No need to get your toolbox and it shipping are fast delivered. The ultra-steel Bunkie board help extend your bed longevity and is also available in several sizes including full and twin.


  • Superior quality steel metal frame
  • Supporting slats for easier adaptability
  • Works significantly with any mattress and base
  • Completely metal frame’s structure
  • Affordable price
  • Fast shipment


  • Few customers complained of the width of the product not right with the foundation mattresses
  • Clients may experience sliding.

Classic Brands Solid Wood Bed Support Bunkie Board

This excellent item coming from another top brand, Classic Brands, is excellent for almost all type of mattress and will work correctly with your already-owned bed. The Bunkie Board designed with unique wood slats, which provides your foundation with extra support. If you are also looking to increase your bed longevity, then you should take advantage of this product.

The board is excellent with your platform beds, bunk bed, and daybeds. The product’s high adaptability is due to its wide range of options made available. It designs feature a solid wood with other environment-friendly and ergonomic features. Also, the board comes with wooden slats that keep bed sagging at bay.

Importantly, it helps limit the number of turning and tossing experienced at night by providing even extra support to your mattress. The entire Bunkie Board is made with premium quality materials. More so, the item is easy to assemble without needing any additional tool to set up. Unlike other products, Classic Brands designed this board’s slats to be easily connected without requiring any springs.


  • Works amazingly with all types of bed
  • Solid support around the bed
  • Made in the USA
  • Easy assembling
  • Fast shipment process
  • Large weight holding capacity


  • Slacks ranges aren’t standard
  • Some clients share their concerns regarding the size of the slat.

Spring Coil 2 Inch Foundation Bunkie Board

This Bunkie board is one of the best product available on the market. It also fits all types of bedding and works well with your existing beds too: platform bed, bunk bed, daybed, you name it. The Spring Coil’s 2-inch board is manufactured to extend your bed’s longevity and enhance their properties. Another great feature is its ability to replace your old box spring. This board is the go-to if you are not satisfied with the support from your bed or bed frame.

This item eliminates the turning and tossing while raising your mattress about 2” high for the best sleeping posture. The board doesn’t slide or wobble thank to the non woven fabric wrapped around the board.

This item is high performing which contributes to improved overall health and wellness. Aside from the board being cost-effective, it is easy to assemble and set up without sweating about how to go about it.


  • Ideal for any mattress and foundation
  • Support your bed for increased performance
  • Top quality fabric to avoid sliding and slipping
  • Regulates the beds’ support and firmness
  • Budget-friendly
  • Easy to assemble


  • No padded tap which makes some users experience some noise.
  • The slat does not provide enough extra support.

Continental Mattress, Split Foundation Bunkie Board

This bunkie board gives you the traditional feels and does not require any perquisites —  assembling. The item is made of plywood wrapped in polyester cloth alongside a wooden framework. Most products often need you to assemble which may depend on how conversant you are with bunkie board. But a board without assembling makes it extra cool. Although it does not feature some extra features like other bunkie board, it saves you from spending quality time trying to figure how to set it up. The product is inexpensive with decent quality which makes it reliable and durable.


  • Simple
  • No assembly required.
  • Inexpensive
  • Works for most bed’s type
  • Fast shipment


  • Lacks other features

Acme 02529 Twin Bunkie Board

For those wanting to get a Bunkie Board of twin size, this might be the best fit. It works impressively with any platform or mattress, while correctly keeping your cushion and box spring in the right position for even and extra support. Just like most products reviewed here, this board help increases your bed’s life cycle.

The footboard and headboard often provide you with reliable support and Acme Twin Bunkie Board help secure these board. Almost all sort of beddings are fitted correctly with this bunkie board’s size. It is made using veneer and plywood, which makes the slat sturdy to accommodate larger weight without breaking.

The item is usually delivered fast and designed to be easily set up without encountering any troubles.


  • Made of superior materials
  • Well-priced, budget-friendly
  • Adjustable to fit all bed frames
  • Ideal for full-size bed
  • Perfect for all weight categories even large weight


  • No instruction was provided on how to support  headboard or footboard
  • Some clients complained about the product slat’s durability

Spinal Solution, Set of 2, 2″ Bunkie Boards

Spinal solution products are known to produce products with average consumers in mind. It helps replace your box spring. Its slats are made with North America lumber and wrapped with premium quilted cloth fabric. It also does not feature anything new but can be great for someone on a budget looking for a bunkie board.


  • Works well for thin memory foam beds
  • Reasonable price
  • Great support