Top 4 Best Bath Pillows of 2022

Nothing comes close to having a nice warm bath after a long day at work, to calm your nerves to relax. However, most individuals are not aware that they can add a few items in their daily bath time routine.  This includes adding a bath pillow for a great deal of comfort and relaxation.

Bath pillows offer you high levels of relaxation while taking a bath and keeps you safe from any neck and head injuries; that could be as a result of sitting in the bathtub for long. That being said, let’s look at some of the best bath pillows you can purchase.

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Top 4 Best Bath Pillows

Gorilla Grip Non-Slip Two Panel Bath Pillow

The Gorilla Grip Non-Slip Two Panel Bath Pillow is named after its superior gripping ability. It’s among the first pillow to feature an extra-large suction cups that provide it with a stronghold, which makes it hard to get off the bathtub when you’re done. The pillow’s made of waterproof material; therefore, you rarely remove the pillow from the bathtub due to this feature.

It’s recommended to remove it from the bathtub from time to time, giving it a quick scrub down. Due to the material used in the making of the pillow, its maintenance is a breeze as compared to bath pillows made of terry cloth. You won’t need to dry out or worry of mold growing on the pillow if you leave it in the tub.

The product can be purchased in two or three panels; the two-panel design is best for individuals requiring some support. That is on shallow tubs with deep ledges; while the three-panel design is for people needing extra support. It offers a full-back cushioning on tubs that are tall and with angled backs.

Epica Luxury Spa Pillow

The Epica Luxury Spa Pillow has an impressive two-inch foam padding on the two panels. Its top panel seems slightly wedge-shaped, which provides a bit more support on the base than the top of your head. The wedge design offers good neck health and maintaining of the proper posture.

The two-panel design is for individuals wishing to lean their heads on the ledges of the bathtub. Its top panel provides cushioning and support to the neck and head. The lower panel, on the other hand, offers more support and comfort to your back and neck.

The pillow comes with seven large suction cups, which ensure that the pillow remains on the position you place it. Although the pillow is not waterproof, the manufacturer claims that it dries off rather fast. Therefore it’s recommended to dry the pillow or remove it from the tub after usage.

Harrison House Luxurious Bath Pillow

The Harrison House Luxurious Bath Pillow is the ultimate neck support that’s in the form of a neck roll. This two-panel bath pillow contains a thick foam used in creating specially-designed neck support and back support. The pillow comprises of a perfectly-designed neck support system; the neck roll perfectly fits the contours of your neck and maintains the base of your head.

This product is ideal for individuals with tall angled back tub that they can rest against due to the ultimate comfort the pillow offers. If your tab doesn’t have an angled back, and it’s butted against the wall, the neck roll is excellent for head support. The pillow’s covered with a soft mesh-like material, it’s however non-waterproof but its machine washable and dryable.

Aquasentials Terry Cloth Bath Pillow

The Aquasentials Terry Cloth Bath Pillow design is of the terry cloth material that draws individuals who find the material soothing and comfy. The pillow is exceptionally durable able to last for a long time. The product comes with four parts for easy adjustment and manageability, giving you enough support for your shoulders, neck and head.

The pillow is 23 inches by 15 inches, making it large enough to offer good coverage. It also has four suction cups, which is decent enough to keep you stable after installing it. The product is available in vibrant colours of white, blue and purple; however, the coloured stock is not always in stock.


Choosing the best bath pillow for yourself highly depends on your specific needs. Take time in selecting the best bath pillow, for getting the ideal bath pillow will make the crucial difference in having an ordinary bath to a home spa experience.

Get a pillow that’s ergonomic enough to keep you away from neck pains and one that is easy to handle. With the best bath pillow, you can now be able to have an exceptionally great time relaxing in the bathtub after a long day at work.