Are Adjustable Bed Frames Worth It?

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Adjustable beds are a great way to make your bedroom more comfortable. They have many different purposes, and they’re also effortless to use.

You don’t need any special tools or skills to set them up; you just have to read the manual!

That said, should you get an adjustable bed frame? Below are adjustable bed frames pros, cons, and purchase considerations, to help you decide.

Table of Contents

Are Adjustable Bed Frames Worth It

Advantages of Adjustable Bed Frames

1) Relieving Pain

If you’re suffering from joint pains, neck aches, lower back problems, and more, then you should consider purchasing an adjustable bed frame.

Adjustable beds are perfect for relieving pressure points by supporting your body correctly throughout the night.

Moreover, they reduce the stress on your joints as you don’t have to get out of bed to adjust them.

2) Providing Comfort

Many people use adjustable bed frames to improve their quality of life. For example, many seniors rely on them because they cannot stand long periods of sitting upright, so their bed is an ideal place to sit and read. In fact, they have many benefits for seniors.

In addition, patients recovering from surgeries often benefit significantly from this type of device. The ability to change one’s posture is essential for anyone dealing with injury or illness.

That also makes adjustable beds an excellent option for mothers to recover from childbirth. Besides pregnant women preferring to remain as comfortable as possible during pregnancy, they also need adequate rest, especially after the birth!

Fortunately, adjustable beds allow mothers to sleep more comfortably than traditional mattresses. This way, they feel better and recover faster.

3) Offering Lumbar Support

Lumbar supports help prevent strain on the spine due to prolonged standing or sitting. Most adjustable bed frames include lumbar supports, allowing users to maintain proper alignment while resting comfortably.

4) Better Blood Circulation

One of the most common reasons why people buy adjustable beds is to promote better blood flow. As you select a sleeping position that meets your needs, your heart can pump blood more effectively to the right places.

5) Independence

People who live alone sometimes find themselves unable to make it through the entire evening without assistance. This problem becomes especially acute when someone has trouble getting into or out of bed.

With adjustable beds, however, it becomes easier to go to sleep and change position. Adjustable beds minimize the need to call for help every few hours. You may only need assistance once or twice per week.

Advantages of an Adjustable Bed Frame

6) Lowering Acid Reflux

Some people develop heartburn or indigestion if they lie down too soon after eating. By using an adjustable frame, sufferers can avoid this issue.

Adjustable beds allow you to raise your head without having to use a pillow. And unlike a pillow – that can move around and slip out of place while you sleep –  your upper body maintains an optimal position during the entire night’s sleep.

B y sleeping like this, with your head in an elevated postion relative to your abdomen, the bed prevents stomach contents and fluids from seeping back into your esophagus and causing acid reflux.

7) Improving Sleep Quality

A good night’s sleep promotes good health. Unfortunately, many people have insomnia or other sleeping disorders.

These conditions cause poor sleep patterns, which lead to fatigue, irritability, headaches, and even depression.

Thankfully, adjustable bed frames offer practical solutions to both issues. They provide more comfort and relaxation than conventional mattresses but also improve the overall quality of sleep.

8) Providing Back Support

Many people complain of backaches and neck pains because they spend so much time seated. In fact, studies indicate that eight out of ten individuals experience back pain at some point.

And after a long day at work, a traditional bed doesn’t allow you to relax without some strain on your back.

The constant pressure placed upon your spine causes wears and tear over time. Fortunately, adjustable bed frames reduce stress on the body’s largest organ, allowing users to maintain proper posture. This is even better if you combine it with the best mattress for an adjustable bed.

9) They Come With a USB and Chargers

Most adjustable beds include a built-in power supply unit. This feature makes charging devices like phones, tablets, and laptops easier to use when you aren’t near an outlet. Additionally, most models include two AC outlets, making it easy to charge multiple electronic items simultaneously.

10) Wide Variety of Designs

There are countless designs available today. Some manufacturers produce high-end products featuring elegant wood finishes and intricate detailing. Others focus on affordability, creating sturdy yet straightforward units made out of plastic or metal. Regardless of what type of design appeals to you, consider striking a balance between affordability and robustness.

Disadvantages of Adjustable Bed Frames

disAdvantages of an Adjustable Bed frame

1) Expensive

Although some models cost less than $500, most range between $1000 to $3000. This is substantially more than a normal bed, but then again a normal bed can’t be adjusted.

2) May Be Hard To Maintain

While some models require minimal maintenance, others need regular cleaning and lubrication. Still, all of them eventually need replacing after years of use.

3) Noisy

Due to the numerous components involved, adjusting bed frames tends to create loud noises when they are changing position. Even though noise isn’t dangerous, it can still disturb those nearby. Not to mention, sleep can be elusive when you wake someone as you realign the bed.

4) Mattress Compatibility

Not all mattresses are suitable for use on adjustable beds. Therefore, you may need a new mattress with one that conforms to the tilt of the bed to enjoy the frame’s benefits.

5) Pretty Heavy

Adjustable beds tend to be quite heavy. They aren’t the type of beds to carry around all the time! You’ll definitely need professional help, or a strong friend, to get one set up in your bedroom after it’s delivered.

The frames of adjustable beds are typically made from steel, and since they contain many components to facilitate their varying modes of operation, they can weigh a lot.

Buying Considerations

If you want to achieve the most out of an adjustable bed, here is what you should consider before buying one:

1) How Much Space Will I Need in My Room?

If there isn’t enough space, you won’t be able to fit everything you have and have the bed too. The size of your room determines whether or not you can have an adjustable frame.

For example, if you live in a small apartment with limited storage space, you might only need a single mattress on top of an adjustable base.

However, if you live in a larger home with plenty of extra space, you may get a king-size or a California king-size bed. In that case, you can pick a double-sided adjustable frame instead.

2) What Kind of Sleep Position Am I Looking For?

There are various sleep positions available when using an adjustable frame:

  • Head raised/ lounge position
  • Head and feet raised
  • Feet raised
  • Flat

Each type has its advantages and disadvantages.

Flat means that both sides of the bed face straight down at all times. This allows you to lie completely flat without having to worry about rolling over onto your back.

On the other hand, if you prefer sleeping while facing upwards, you can choose an inclined bed frame that moves towards the ceiling as you climb into bed. A lounge position is also excellent if you like relaxing in bed watching shows.

Declining beds work similarly to what their name suggests. Instead of moving towards the floor, however, these beds tilt downwards so that you can easily roll over onto your stomach.

These options allow you to find the perfect balance between comfort and convenience.

3) Do I Really Need an Adjustable Bed Frame?

While adjustable beds provide numerous benefits, they don’t suit everyone. Some people may feel uncomfortable waking up after spending several nights in the same position.

Still, others suffer from chronic pain issues such as arthritis or fibromyalgia and have difficulty using a traditional bed.

An adjustable bed frame supports those who struggle to stay awake during the day but still desire a good night’s rest.

4) Will I Be Happy With My Purchase?

When shopping around for electric adjustable beds, you must remember that no matter how nice something looks, it means nothing if the performance doesn’t meet your requirements.

Make sure that you take time to test drive various models before making a final decision.

Also, remember that even though you may think that you’ll never leave your current bed frame, you may eventually get bored with it. Hence, you may need a replacement.

Do Adjustable Beds Break Easily?

As with any machine, adjustable bed frames can be subject to mechanical failure. Unlike with a traditional bed, you need to replace your remote batteries from time to time when using adjustable bed frames.

Moreover, your motor may disfunction, making your bed a bit too costly compared to a traditional bed.

That said, carry out your normal manufacturer checks before settling on a particular adjustable bed. If you get a sturdily built bed from a reputable seller, it should serve you for ages without issues.

Final Verdict

Adjustable bed frames offer many benefits, including increased comfort, better posture, improved circulation, and more energy throughout the day.  So are they worth it? Absolutely!

However, make sure that you buy one that is sturdy enough to last through years of use.