How Does An Adjustable Bed Work? Benefits & Guide

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Adjustable beds are electrically operated bed bases that can be set to the user’s preferred sleeping position. Sleepers can raise or lower different sections of the base, to achieve a sleeping position that is most natural for them, or brings relief to a medical condition.

If you’re looking for an adjustable bed, then there are a few lifestyle considerations to take into account. For example, do you have kids at home that would love the opportunity to play with (and potentially break!) your fancy new bed? Will you be able to install the bed yourself or will you need help from the manufacturer. In this article, we tell you everything you need to know about adjustable beds and why you should buy one!

Table of Contents

Adjustable Bed Buyer’s Guide

6 Health And Lifestyle Benefits of Adjustable Beds

  • An adjustable bed frame is a must for those who suffer from chronic back and neck pain. The ability to adjust the head, shoulders and feet elevation allows you to find a comfortable position and reduces your pain.
  • They are also beneficial for those who can’t sleep on their backs or sides due to breathing difficulties such as sleep apnea. A raised head and elevated feet make it easier to breathe. Finally, an adjustable bed frame is beneficial for those with limited mobility because it provides a wide range of positions and easily accommodates wheelchair users.
  • Because they’re already electrically connected, they normally have USB ports that you can use to charge your devices. Therefore, it does not matter if you want to use the bed for sleeping or working because you can charge your devices simultaneously.
  • An adjustable bed frame is a beautiful way to enjoy your favorite TV show or book while elevating various parts of your body. In this case, the position you’re in will be to your liking and help reduce any pain you might have been experiencing.
  • The reduction of pain and discomfort is often beneficial for your emotional health too – by helping to reduce any pain and discomfort you might be feeling and providing a wide range of relaxation positions.
  • An adjustable bed frame is beneficial for those who have sleeping problems. Getting a good night’s rest has been shown to provide many benefits, including an increased ability to focus the next day and feel energized after waking up. The quality of your sleep also reflects on the mood that you’re in the following day.

Hospital beds are essentially adjustable beds with modifications for medical care.

How An Adjustable Bed Can Help You - Whatever Your Sleeping Position


Side sleepers are likely to have a few more choices when it comes to adjustable beds. This is because most of the weight is supported by one shoulder and leg, making it easier for them to adjust to an ergonomic position.

A significant enhancement for side sleepers is that adjustable bed frames are customized to fit their needs. It’s not uncommon for these frames to have different inclines on each side, as well as varying heights.

Back Sleeper

Back sleepers can experience lower back pain as well as tension in the shoulders and arms. A good thing to know about adjustable beds is that they can help with these types of problems. The bed frame can be adjusted to better fit your body type, which will help reduce pain and tension. It is also possible for those who experience lower back pain to use a firm mattress. Those with backache should change positions regularly, so the weight isn’t always on the same shoulder or arm all night long.

Front Sleeper

The front sleeper is usually most comfortable when they are in a flat position. This is achievable with an adjustable bed by lifting the head of the bed to the incline. This is beneficial because many people have trouble with their backs or necks after sleeping in this position all night. They should never sleep on their stomachs again if they are a front sleeper because that will only cause more problems in the future.

Factors To Consider When Buying Adjustable Beds

There are many choices in the market, and thus it is crucial to plan before making a purchase. This way, you will be able to find the perfect adjustable bed for you and your family. Remember that an adjustable bed is a healthy purchase and a big investment for your home. Once you decide on the type of adjustable bed you want, you can narrow your search by looking at the different brands and their beds’ features.


An adjustable bed must be comfortable and supportive and provide a pleasant and cozy night’s sleep. The mattress should be comfortable and hypoallergenic, which will help to ensure that your back does not suffer from any pain or discomfort. You must also ensure that you do not overheat because if you do, then it will result in a restless, uncomfortable sleep. Check that you have the correct sheets for the model of bed too.

Zero Gravity Position

One of the most popular adjustable bed features is the zero-gravity setting. This feature is perfect for people who need to sleep in a different position. The bed is tilted to lie on their back without worrying about supporting their head or neck. It’s a beneficial feature for people who have back pain.

The zero gravity sleeping position


The whole purpose of these beds is to allow you to completely configure your sleeping environment, whether that’s the height or angle of any part of the  base. Many adjustable beds offer a head-up position as an option. This position is great for people who have difficulty relaxing, as it makes the bed feel less claustrophobic. In this position, your head and neck are raised on a small pillow on the surface of the bed. This position alleviates pressure on sensitive areas of the neck and can be a more comfortable position for back pain.

A foot-up position is also an option for those who want to use the bed as a couch. The patient (or their loved one) can place their feet on a raised surface and recline back into the bed comfortably. This position provides back support and is helpful for people who need to get up periodically during the night to use the restroom or are at risk for falls because of mobility issues.

While we are talking about adjusting your adjustable bed, we cannot ignore the neck tilt. Neck tilt allows you to sleep in a more natural position which can alleviate congestion problems. It also allows the back of the head to rest comfortably on the pillow, which is vital for spinal support. Neck tilt is an excellent way to stretch out any stiffness or discomfort in the neck and shoulders while sleeping on your adjustable bed.


Durability is a vital factor to consider when buying an adjustable bed. The mattresses and frames should be resilient and sturdy and will last a long time. This means that they should not sag, crack or rip. Adjustable beds can be pretty expensive, so it is worth spending more money on top-quality items. They should also have the ability to handle various weights without getting damaged. It is worth investing in an adjustable bed because of its health benefits, such as reduced back pain and better blood circulation.

Customer Service

It’s important to ensure that the customer service is responsive and the company can come to help you if your adjustable bed has issues. It is also essential to know about the warranty period to have assurance if there are breaking problems. Choosing an adjustable bed frame that doesn’t require a box spring or foundation might be a good idea so that it won’t cost you more.

Adjustable Bed Customer Service


You want to ensure that the adjustable bed you buy is reasonably priced as per the price you pay, so make sure you research other options and read other customer reviews carefully. Another thing to do is to find out the warranty period and customer service response time for the company so you can know whether or not your purchase will be covered if something goes wrong.

A good option is to rent one first to see how you get on. In some cases they can be obtained through Medicare too.

Remote Control

It is essential to purchase an adjustable bed frame with a wireless remote that is easy to use. Some frames have wired remotes, which can be easier to lose and not as easy for people with arthritis or dexterity problems. It is also more challenging to use for somebody on the heavier side or who suffers from tremors.

Adjustable Bed Remote Control


Another consideration is whether you want to buy an adjustable bed frame compatible with your existing bed frame. For instance, if you have a metal bed frame and want to buy an adjustable one, but it doesn’t work with the current metal frame, you’ll need to buy a new one.


Size is also an important factor when it comes to buying adjustable beds. A standard twin-size bed frame may not need more than a few inches of adjustment, while a queen or king-size bed may need up to 6 or 7 feet of adjustment. The size of the adjustable bed frame matters because some frames are built with 6-inch slats, while others are built for 12-inches slats. If you have more than 6 inches between your current mattress and the bottom of the frame, you will likely need one with larger slats.

In addition, there is no point in buying a bigger frame only for it not to fit through a door. It may not be practical and will take up a lot of space.

Science And Development

Another factor you should consider is how much science and development went into making the bed; after all, adjustable beds are not cheap. One of the main points in this regard is whether or not it comes with a wireless remote.

Wall Hugging Feature

The wall-hugging feature of the adjustable bed means that the person on the bed can hug a wall and still lie flat. They can stretch their hands out to the side and still be propped up by the wall.

Ergonomic Design

The term “ergonomic design” in the adjustable bed base refers to a design having features designed to improve its usefulness. For example, it can be lighter and more compact than a traditional mattress. It can also have the ability to be adjusted in multiple ways to suit different people without sacrificing comfort or stability.


An adjustable bed base should have a whisper-quiet motor; it is designed to produce very minimal noise on the motor. Therefore, the sound will not disturb anyone at night.

Common Types of Adjustable Bed Foundations

Queen-sized adjustable beds are available in a wide variety of styles. Some have the traditional look of a bed frame with a headboard, while others have a more modern look. This bed is great for sleeping alone but looking for versatility because it can be positioned in different ways to suit your needs.

King-sized adjustable beds are available in a range of styles, including the traditional bed frame with headboard.  If you are looking for a spacious bed that can support your healing process or improves your sleeping habits, this is the adjustable bed for you. King adjustable beds are available in a range of styles, including the traditional bed frame with headboard.

If you want to store your bed easily and you’re willing to sacrifice some adjustability, then a king-sized split adjustable bed may be for you! The split design means that there is no need to store a bulky frame around your new mattress – simply lift it on top of the platform and slide it right over. This saves space in tight living spaces, can be used by multiple individuals, and eliminates the need for a headboard.

The split king adjustable bed is one of the most popular designs for a partner and would like to adjust the bed themselves. This design is adjusted to sleep on their side and the other person on their back. The frame also comes with two different height adjustments. This way, you can sit up in bed and watch TV or eat without having to worry about falling out of bed.

FAQS For Adjustable Bed Bases

How Does An Adjustable Bed Work?

An adjustable bed is a great option for people who are recovering from surgery. They are also beneficial to people with chronic conditions, like arthritis or back pain. You can always be in the most comfortable position to relieve muscle strain and joint pressure with this bed type.

Adjustable beds are designed for your specific body, which means they will adjust when you need them to. The four sections that make up the bed allow the mattress to “float” between them and raise or lower in minutes. You can change your position without moving off of the bed and with the push of a button.

Most adjustable beds have remote controls that can do just about anything–from adjusting the head and foot of the bed to quickly turning off the lights for a good night’s sleep. Remote controls are an excellent convenience that allows you to manage your environment without having to get up.

What Is The Best Adjustable Mattress For A Comfortable Sleeping Surface?

The best mattress for an adjustable bed is that is made specifically for it. The mattress should be the perfect size to accommodate the different positions that you sleep in. Some mattresses have a memory foam or gel that molds to the shape of your body, giving you optimal support.

Some couples prefer to sleep on a memory foam mattress, while one or the other of them prefers a springier, more supportive innerspring or latex mattress. For this reason, many adjustable-bed manufacturers market different models with dedicated compatibility for either a memory foam pad or an innerspring/latex bed. And don’t forget to ensure you have the best sheets too!

Do I Need Box Springs For Adjustable Bases?

Generally, no box springs are needed if not included with the bed package. There may be instances where extenders are necessary to guarantee proper balance and joint protection when adjusting from platform to flat position due to weight and elevation differences between beds on an adjustable bed frame. In these cases, you should consult your manufacturer’s instructions about whether box springs are recommended for use with your flex-tech adjustable bed mattresses.

Are Adjustable Bases Compatible With Traditional Bed Frames?

Some adjustable bed frames are compatible with traditional bed frames, but not all of them. When you purchase an adjustable bed frame, make sure to check its compatibility with your current bed frame.

Why Do I Need An Adjustable Bed Frame?

You may be wondering why you should use an adjustable bed frame. There are many benefits to using one. First, because of the design of the system, it is easier to sleep in various positions. Next, there are options for mattresses that can work with these frames, like memory foam or gel that mold to your body for optimal support. There will also be less movement on the mattress with an adjustable bed frame than a traditional platform bed. Finally, many people don’t need box springs with their adjustable bed frame, which means less purchasing is required.

Advantages of an Adjustable Bed Frame

Can I Use Normal King Size Mattress, or Must I Buy Twin XL mattresses?

Yes, you should be able to use a standard king-size mattress on an adjustable split king bed.

First, make sure the frame has the correct number of slots for your desired mattress thickness. Second, make sure that your desired mattresses are all the same size. If not, then there will be an odd shape when trying to fit it on the frame.

Can You Attach Footboards And Headboards To Adjustable Bases?

The foot of the bed, known as the headboard, is typically an important part of the bedroom. It usually provides comfort and privacy to the sleeper. Some adjustable bed frames can use a headboard with some factors put into consideration. The size of the headboard must be considered with the height of the ceiling on your sleep space. For instance, if you have an angled roof, your headboard needs to account for this. Secondly, it is prudent to be aware of electrical outlets at or near where your headboard will go.

You would need to purchase compatible side rails with adjustable beds. These adjust on both sides of your mattress (side-to-side) so that you can still use and set up a headboard.

An adjustable bed frame is a good purchase for those who want to sleep in more than one position and enjoy more customization on their mattress.

How Much Assembly Will My New Adjustable Base Require?

It typically takes anywhere from 1-2 hours to assemble an adjustable bed frame. The instructions will vary based on the specific style of adjustable bed frame you buy, so it is best to refer to the instructions of your particular frame for accurate assembly times. Some frames come with extra tools needed for assembly, so be sure to keep them close by as well as all parts, so you don’t lose anything during setup. Finally, we recommend assembling your new adjustable bed frame in the same room where it will be used since it cannot be dismantled into smaller pieces.

What Are The Best Mattresses For Adjustable Beds?

You can use three types of mattresses with adjustable bed bases: memory foam mattresses, latex foam, and innerspring mattresses.

All of these three types of mattresses have been used with adjustable beds. The memory foam mattress is a popular choice because it contours to the body. Innerspring mattresses are popular because they react well to movement and latex foam is often chosen because it helps keep the spine in alignment.

three types of mattresses used for adjustable bed bases


For those looking to buy an adjustable bed, you have many options available to you.

Some of the most popular choices are split king beds, queen-sized beds, and king-sized beds. They will vary in price depending on their material, but they are all a great investment that will serve you for years to come. Adjustable beds are becoming more popular because they are convenient, comfortable and offer many health benefits. So if you’re shopping around for an adjustable bed, make sure to do your research and read medical-related articles for the correct information.

Elderly people in particular find that these are the best beds for them, as well as people that need a specific sleeping position for a health condition, or the ability to add rails for extra safety.

Lastly, ensure that the adjustable base has all the features you need to improve your sleep or make your recovery process faster!